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Nut trees in our yard

My son has a nut allergy. Does this include the walnut and chestnut trees in our yard?  I didnt even think about them while we were at the allergy office.
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is he allergic to tree nuts too? cause if he is then the answer would msot likey be yes, it would include walnut and chestnut trees, but you sould ask you doctor next time you go.
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I'd be careful.  Repeated exposure causes greater reaction .. so even if he may not react, if he is + repeated exposure (touch or eating) could cause a reaction.  Keep in mind that chestnut is in the latex family -- if he is + via bloodtest to chestnut specifically (also avacado is a big one) I would have him latex tested next go around, too.

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How are you?

The tree nut includes nuts such as cashews, almonds,walnuts and chestnuts among others.If your son is having nut allergy then chances of him having allergies to walnuts or chestnuts is very high.People who are allergic to nuts can be allergic to their pollens or their touch also.

You can however confirm it by getting allergy testing done. Skin tests are used for this purpose. This test involves pricking, scratching or injecting food extracts into the patient’s skin. The skin will react with redness and swelling for those extracts capable of eliciting an allergic reaction when consumed.Other tests used are blood tests like RAST and food challenge tests.

I sincerely advise you to discuss this with your son’s allergy specialist.Till then pls avoid giving him any kind of nuts so as to avoid life threatening anaphylaxis.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how your child is doing or of you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.

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