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Paint fumes

If a room/apt. is not aired out properly after painting ...is it possible for paint fumes to leave a residue on carpets and in air conditioning ducts/vents?  I believe i may have been exposed to paint fumes over a 5 or so week period...building to a severe allergic reaction 5/27/(hives,slurred speech,confusion,eyes burning,face burning itchy red and patches of skin, difficulty breathing-wheezing)requiring medical attention and ongoing use of inhaler.I also have been diagnosed with rosacea on my face, chest and patches hands on arms and back.  No history of breathing issues or rosacea prior to reaction. Its been almost a month since i've been out of the area...still having some issues...Is there a timeline for toxins to completely leave your system?  Is it possible to develop a heightened sensitivity to other airbourne allergens?
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There is no true allergic reaction to paint, but to contents present within it, such as latex, some heavy metals such as lead,mercury.
To be on the safe side, make sure you read labels on paint cans, so that it does not contain any of the heavy metals especially. Prolonged exposure usually results in neurological symptoms, alongside the symptoms you described above.
When painting, it is advised that there is proper ventilation.
Take care.
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i think i just experienced paint fumes allergy, two days i have my room painted but only today i feel my tougue itch and my throat dry and itchy, i am also allergic to pollen.

i took clarityne 10mg hoping my throat will not go to the swollen stage.
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Yes you can be allergic to paint or the toxins I also cannot breathe varnish, Paint, wood Epoxy is particularly bad ,when its being cut especially teak, I break out in rashes and I get throat problems ,my Dh has been a boat builder most of his life and he definatly has long term problems of toxicity..I suggest that you google for info about it, I expect it will clear up try the avoid painting and using the same room, and paint early morning with windows open, use a mask .Good Luck
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