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Sneezing Attack

My daughter has been having a violent sneeze attack for 2 days.  She's allergic to fall trees.  She has seen 2 doctors and is on many medications but nothing is working.  I have searched the internet and have tried all home remedies.  Have tried nasal rinse, Hepa filters, vitamin C, nothing is working.  Any other suggestions, she's getting in pain from sneezing so much and can't sleep.
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Sometimes decreasing foods that are common allergy foods can be very helpful.  When I stopped drinking milk and eating yogurt and almost eliminated dairy, I stopped needing antihistamines for hayfever..  Dairy is a common one.  

I now only have mild symptoms a few days a year!
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Also, starting the antihistamines before the problem allergen starts up will be important in the future if you can't fix it with food.

Next year you need to start the antihistamines a week or two before her allergy season is expected to start.  
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