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Sudden reaction to Dairy following trip to Africa

I recently returned from a 2-month stint in East Africa, during which time I consumed little dairy. During my time there, I had 2 bouts of uncomplicated diarrhea that resolved naturally (and with the help of pepto bismol). Since my return, I have been having very foul-smelling flatulence, and I have linked this to the consumption of dairy products, milk in particular. I am concerned because I never had such issues in the past, and have even done an elimination diet a few years ago to check for potential food allergies with no serious offenders found. I am wondering if this might be caused by a small intestinal bacterial infection that I picked up while there or if my body is simply re-adjusting to consuming dairy again. I am 27 years old and until now have had a rock-solid digestive system.

Thank you in advance for your response.
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Hey juliajima,
Welcome to the forum.
It is most likely a  bacterial and or a parasitic "invasion" of sorts that has partially created an imbalance of your healthy flora.  70-80% of your immune system lies in your gut.
Please avoid all dairy and gluten for the next few weeks.
Do Dr. Coca's Pulse test-free download. (Tests everything you ingest for adverse reaction)
Consume extra virgin coconut oil. In Quebec La Maison Orphee is a good brand.
It is anti-parasitic, anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.
Start with 2 Tablespoons in 4 doses and progressively increase to a total of 4 daily.
Replace all your cooking oils (pro-inflammatory when heated) with EVCO -stays stable.
Check the coconut research center website for more info.
Take from "Progressive Nutrition"their synergistic Prebiotic/Probiotic program.
It is one of the best. Got mine from Ottawa. Follow it to the T. It takes a few months,
but improvement will be felt within a week.
As an extra precaution I would suggest a Candida diet if symptoms persist.
Be very careful with any prescribed medication!. (Even with O.T.C. products)
A friend of mine is still suffering the consequences. He picked up a nasty tropical bug
years ago! Antibiotics and other meds set him back, as his already imbalanced  healthy flora got further damage.

Please do your own research or check with your health care professional first, before
making any decisions about your own health.

Post again if you have questions or to give update.


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Hi, welcome to the forum, the possibilities in your case are gastroenteritis (often with diarrhea), a reaction to a medication, lactose intolerance (difficulty digesting the lactose in milk), indigestion, gas formation, infection, obstruction etc. We can not diagnose the exact cause without medical findings.

You need to undergo stool examination and ultrasound to rule out the exact cause. Also take light food, maintain water balance as you may get dehydrated. Antibiotics if infection is suspected against prescription will subside the symptoms. I suggest you to consult physician and undergo proper examination. Take care and regards.
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