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URTICARIA & Chronic Autoimmune Urticaria (CU)

Hi everybody!

I have had Urticaria about 20 yrs now. First doctors thaught i have some kind of allergy, but nothing allergy never found.
Then about 12 yrs ago one doctor made me AutoimmuneTest. And  there it was, all 10 points.

My Urticaria is on about twice a year, for 2-3 motnhs at the time. Now it is on again, and started 20.January 2013, and still going :(

Nobody seems to know what causes this syndrome, that your own body fights against it. We all mitgh have heard mast-cells, and so on. It's chemical reaction in ous bodies.
BUT what is the real, the deepest reason for that process??

I read lately about Dr. Gary M. Levin from California. He has tried to find out what causes Autoimmune Urticaria.

He has found there is NO ALLERGY with these people, but OVER ACTIVE immunology system.

He think's it can be healed with right and balanced nutrition. But the difficult of it, is the fact, that we all have so unic body and unic digestion system.

I have now started to learn what is the best kind of nutriton for my unic body. And i have now ordered this eBook by dr Gary M. Levin.

I would love to hear other stories with you fellows CU - sufferer? Has anybody already tired this:


Dr Gary M. Levin also think, that alla the antihistamin - and cortison treatment only make more damage to our bodies and immunology system. They only heal the symptoms not healing the cause.

Tell me what do you think about all this nutrition balance question?

Thanks! And keep up the hope.

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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Besides food allergy, the additives and preservatives can cause allergic reactions. According to studies done, pseudoallergens may be important cause in some patients with urticaria. Pseudoallergic reactions are non-immunologic reactions that are believed to result from acquired alterations in the biochemical pathways. Pseudoallergic reactions to additives, natural salicylates, and aromatic compounds are dose related. In a study done, about 19% of patients reacted severely to challenge capsules containing food additives and salicylic acid.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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Thanks for your comment Anitha :)
I'm doing fine, i just managed to have tho WHOLE YEAR without urticaria symptoms. (Yeah!!!!!)  

But now it is actual again :) But quite easy though.

I have read lately more about vitamin D and vitamines B-group with magnesium together. Those are all in very big role with our immune-systems. So i have started to take D-vitamin 100mg/day and MagneCit+B6 one kapsel a day. Won't do any harm, but maybe helping :)

Has anybody tried this XOLAIR-medicine for Chronic Idiopatic Urticaria ?
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Stay away from red and fiery foods inclusive in your fruit and veg. Go more greens based. Never eat it raw, even if you Blanche your veges that is fine.

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Hi, thanks for your response. I do like eat raw food, like salads. I don't really understand why i schould warm them?

Please explain more about this diet :)
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Hope you are doing well.
I'm from China. My husband is suffering Autoimmune Urticaria since this April. One Chinese doctor told us yesterday that do not eat any meat or oil or fruit. Only bread, rice or poached vegetables. My husband like eat meat very much and he don't believe this way, so I'm searching on the website...
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