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What can I do to help tolerate my so called "contact allergy rash"?

29 yr old female, no meds except the ones mentioned in this story, no medical conditions, no drug or food allergies, no fevers

I have been breaking out from head to toe for months. The rash is very painful and has left scars on my arms, legs, and chest. I saw 2 dermatologists. One did a biopsy and saw "inflammation". He said it was probably allergies and to just take Benadryl. The rash continued getting worse. I got a 2nd opinion with another dermatologist. He said it was contact dermatitis. He gave me a prescription cream. The rash continued to get so bad that it was in my mouth and throat, in addition to my body, and I felt like my throat was swelling up and closing. I winded up in urgent care and got a shot of Benadryl and a shot of Solu-Medrol. The rash remained visible but I felt like I could breathe easily! I took steroid pills for a week and it was about 80% cleared up for the first time in many months!

I went back to the dermatologist and he finally said I was having an allergic reaction to something, a "contact allergy". He said to take 2 Zyrtec in the morning and 2 Benadryl at night. About half the rash went away.

Now the rash is back worse than ever! I have no idea what I'm having a reaction to. I have not eaten anything new, haven't been exposed to anything new, no new pets, no new soaps, detergents, etc. I have a referral for an allergist but the soonest appointment I could get is over 2 weeks away!

*Has anyone had anything similar?
*It was just suggested I take Zyrtec and Allegra together in the morning. Does anyone else do this? Is this safe?
*I am extremely careful not to itch but this is still leaving me with more and more scars because the rash is so bad! Any advice on how to avoid scaring?
*The only real relief I got was from the steroid pills but I obviously can't take them forever. If only steroids clear it up, does it mean it's something in particular?

I am so tired of every inch of my skin breaking out and feeling painful 97% of the time! I would greatly appreciate any info, what has helped in other's similar experiences, or anything! I'm tired of avoiding leaving my house because I'm afraid people will think I have some contagious disease. It is so frustrating. :(

Thank you!

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