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What causes chest pains only with my hives?

I’ve had chronic idiopathic urticaria on and off since 1998, lasting about 2 years each time. I always have sharp chest pain lasting a few seconds to a few minutes right before and while I have hives. Then gone when no hives. Doctors have no idea why.
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That's very interesting.  I have read that allergies can cause a 'chest heaviness' which may be what you are experiencing.   Obviously a quick bout of chest inflammation might cause this (an allergic reaction)?  I would guess this is part of your allergic reaction, obviously, and I think a fair number of people have it.  Doctors just don't know why. But I'm sure it's scary to have chest pain.  They've done a full work up to make sure it is nothing coronary related or anything like gerd?  
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Yes, cardia tests are fine. I do have Gerd and have for years , but this is a different pain and only occurs with hives.
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