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Will eating foods I react to weaken my immune system?

I am 17 and for half a year my health has been rapidly deteriorating. I always have a cold, I've been coughing up phlegm for about 4 months now and I've had flu like never before. It worries me because I've always been very fit.
I have only recently started eating fruits such as apples, strawberries, plums, etc which I have been allergic to for about 6 years. I eat them more and more because I need the vitamins because my health is bad, but my health continues to deteriorate. I'm wondering if they are actually weakening my immune system rather than helping it?
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Hey iSneeze!

Sorry to hear about your health issues. But don't despair.
In your part of the world, you have far too many grey days, I suppose.

My intuition tells me that you are vitamin D deficient.
D2 supplementation 5000 i.u daily along with 1000mg Vit C with bioflavonoids and some zinc should help.
What kind of allergic reaction are you experiencing?
I recommend you do Dr. Coca's Pulse Test (free download). Takes a week and you will find
out what you are reactive to. Very accurate results.
Your immune system is compromised. I suspect that you have G.I and digestive issues.
And unfortunately that's where a big part of your immune system is based.

Have you done the Candida Saliva Test? Very simple and fast results. Look it up.
Candida is a full blown yeast infection that "takes over" your gastro-intestinal system.
It feeds mainly from carbohydrates (sugar) so sweets and grains are out. And a lot of other foods.
Personally if I were going through all that, I would do all the above and eliminate
all dairy,all grains, pasta,-potatoes, alcohol, sweets including fruits.
Basically the diet would be limited to meats, eggs, fish and  fresh vegetables (salads, greens)  To eliminate the Candida ,you must starve the Candida. Again check it out.

That would explain the allergy to all the fruits.

If you find all this is a bit overwhelming, then seek a Holistic Health Practitioner, Naturopathic Doctor or Nutritionist to help you formulate a program for your situation

Please do your own research before making any decisions about your health.

Should you have any questions please post again.

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Thank you very much for your time, Nikodicreta!
I couldn't wish for a more detailed and intuitive response.

I'd agree with the Vitamin D deficiency considering the winter we've had - I swear I saw Noah sail past my house the other day. On skis.
And I shall definitely heed your advice and look into these Tests. It's time I took some action, and they seem the right step forward.

Again, thank you very much for your response,
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