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allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis and high IGE

I am struggling with ABPA and IGE levels that have increased to 15,000 despite shifting to a coastal area, getting rid of carpets, working part time, no pets, organic foods, maintaining a drug regime. I am on prednisone, symbicourt and sporanox and take and have tried many supplements prescribed by my general practitioner (who has expertise in environmental medicine) to keep going.
Symptoms include hand and foot cramps, reactions to many foods, inability to cope with any mental physical or emotional stress, ( increase in above symptoms or tiredness, viruses etc) and occaisional pulmonary infultration of aspergillous.  
Is there anything else I can do, and is high and increasing IGE a problem in itself?  If so how could I get it down? Thanks.
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I had surgery for invasive aspergillosis in January.  I noticed you are taking prednisone.  I had been taking prednisone for several months which may have accounted for my immune system to go down and allow the aspergillosis to get into my system.  Might not have been the only cause however it does lower the immune system along with other steroids so you may want to check that.  Prednisone was a tremendous help with my neck pain but I can't take in now because of the immune system problems it causes.  Good luck.
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You should review with a chest specialist and discuss about the further plan of management.

You could read about the disease process at the following links -



The treatment plan has been studied in a group of patients and you could read up the follwing -


Discuss with your doctor about the dose of steroid medications, inhalers and whether anti-fungal medications would help in your case.

How are you doing symptomatically?

Let us know about how you are doing and post us about what your doctor advises.

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hi you should look into xolair this should help your ige level
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