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food allergy/anaphylaxis/airbourne

To start off I'd like to say I was a preemie,I was only carried for just under 6 months, I weighted 2 lbs.I spent 4 months in an incubater..... I am assuming that is where I got my latex allergy, early 60s there was nothing but latex. I get red and a burning sensation. 3 years ago I ate a banana and tongue, throat swelled, tingled. I work in school system and work with special needs kids...... the past two years have been awful:  every time they served bananas my symptoms got worse , and with each exposure it got worse, to the point i was coughing and gagging from the swelling in tongue and throat, as well as dark circles under eyes and whole face swelling from just being in same room as the open fruit.
I went to Dr, they gave me epi pens and sent me to allergist.Because of past experiences Dr refused to do skin test, but 3 blood work test say Im not allergic to anything!!!!!!!!!Ive had sinus allergy since I was 10 and my grandpa,uncle, dad,aunt, 2 brothers and my son all have severe reactions to various insect bites. Only aunt has epi pen kit.
After talking to other persons with food allergies,  some have said they had false negatives on their test as well. I have also learned many Dr dont believe in air borne attacks, yet I have them and many people that I have talked to do too.
My first reactions were to bananas and kiwi and melons, all 3 were from eating and then air, after that passion fruit was added.After drinking herb tea(passion fruit), 2 sips in was coughing, gagging, ran to bathroom and was throwing up, when I was done, my whole face was swollen, huge dark circles. Anytime Im around fruit punch (working with little kids) my tongue and throat swell, hoarse voice, dark circles and some coughing- 1 benadryhl does the trick.
during the past 8 months Ive had light reactions to pineapple, peaches, plums, lemons, limes and all kinds of melons. With melons, my tongue and throat swell some, a little hoarse, really bad dark circles and I get really light headed( have almost pasted out twice) being right next to cantaloupes. In October almost  had to use epi after eating imitation crab( made from cod), then 2 weeks later from tuna, and then 2 weeks later almost ended up in ER after eating shrimp..... so no more fish of any kind. Then a few weeks later ate some soup and found out that tomatoes and potatoes have same reaction-tongue and throat swelling, coughing an gagging, dark circles. throwing up, face swelling, really weak.
Then the other day was helping mom with Thanksgiving dinner, making sweetpotatoe casserole, opened up bag of coconut and handed to mom and yep, started coughing and gagging right away, mom turned around and said OMG, ran to bathroom and yep whole face was swollen, throat and tongue, took 2 benadryhl.
In May last year, was in ER after using epi at work, Dr was asking questions after giving 2nd epi cause he wasnt happy with the swelling I still had, he brought in 2nd nurse to hook up monitors, and I started up bad! my whole face swelled up, tongue, throat, started coughing and gagging, then throwing up( nothing to throw up) and I started scratching my arms and neck, and hart was racing..... The nurse said she had just eaten a banana. It took 2 more epis, 2 shots benadryhl and 2 steroids to bring it down.... spent night in ICU.
Found out alot of these fruit allergys are from cross reactions from latex/banana allergy. except for fish of coarse!
also found a site that list many cross reaction fruits.
whats next??? I hope I dont have reactions from the whole list:(
After all this my allergist doesnt think Im having anaphylaxis, she wants proof of reactions with pictures and even said she wanted to bring on an attack on purpose?!!!!
feeling lost and confused
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Hi, anaphylaxis is an emergency and needs immediate attention. Some blood tests may help show if it is an allergic reaction. Like IgE levels are raised if there is an allergic reaction. Check with your doctor regarding this. Regards.

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