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itching for the past two and a half months.

Hi I'm a 21 year old male and my health is in excellent condition.  I never get sick or take any drugs.  Just two and a half months ago I started getting these rashes which itches like hell.  It started on the outside of my thighs and then the inside of both my arms.  When it whent away it started again on the outside of my arms and on the inside of my thighs and also below my stomach just there by your belt.  The itching is not so bad now and the rashes looks like itchy pimples now.  It do leave scars when you scrathce it.  I also get one two or three small itchy pimples between my fingers now and then but my mom told me that the pimples between the fingers runs in the family.  Every time when the old rashes disappear new ones appear and this has happened for the past two and a half months.  I think it might be something in the clothes im wearing or the bed I sleep in.  And about a year and a half ago I had psoriasis but that only kept on for less than a month.

Would really appreciate it if you can give me any advice.
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Hi, The doctor shed it had something to do with a worm under my skin because. It has been almost 4 months now and I'm still itching like hell.  Do you have any comment on this?  And alos what kind of treatment I can use?  The doctor gave me calamine lotion but it does seem to help.  The itching always comes back.  the doctor shed that it is in my clothes, bed, blankets etc. and that I need to wash all of it.

Please would really appreciate it.
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This is either a return of psoriasis or something else. The other possibility depending on the position of rash and itch is scabies. Since the rash between fingers is also there with other family members chances of scabies are high. Another possibility is sweat dermatitis. It could also be a case of tinea infection which is a fungal infection.
Chances of it being due to clothes you wear or soaps etc are less. Please consult a skin specialist regarding this.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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