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tinnitus and allergies?

I have tinnitus and post nasal drip.  I notice it mostly when I'm home.  When I go on vacation the tinnitus is not noticeable and my post nasal drip eases up.  Could the these be caused by allergies?  Could they be something I'm allergic to either in my home or environment?  I have had allergy testing for foods and air borne pollens, etc.  I am allergic to dust mites.  Could that be a culprit?  I live in a fairly dry environment.  The humidity according to a temp/humidity gauge I have shows the humidity at 39% and we had two previous days of rain.  I thought dust mites needed higher humidity to live?
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     Tinnitus with post nasal drip could be due to sinus infections or ear infections, which are a result of untreated post nasal drip. If you are experiencing these symptoms only when you are at home, then there should be some thing you are allergic to causing these symptoms. As, you mentioned you are allergic to dust mites, they cannot survive in a humidity less than 50% in the environment, but their fecal matter can be the culprit causing these allergies in your case.
Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate powder is often used to eradicate house dust mites. Hope this helps. Best.

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I will try using that powder, thanks for that info.  Would it help me to take some kind of antihistamine?  I have not had a Dr. give me any advice about how to get rid of the post nasal drip.  I tried a nettie pot with salt solution, didn't work.  I also used nasal sprays with no result. Is there something you would recommend?
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