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why do my lips and tongue feel weird after eating popsicles?

When i eat the flavor ices that start as liquid and you put in the freezer my lips and tongue swell a bit. the popsicles had been in the freezer for a while so it could just be that but my chest and stomach also feels very cold. the reaction disappears after about 15 minuets.
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This could be an allergy to a dye or flavoring in them.

Do you get this reaction to other cold foods, or other types of popsicles? If it's only those, then it's probably a reaction to something in them, and not just because they'd been in the freezer.
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Hello~It sounds to me like you are allergic to one of the chemical flavors in the Popsicle, I would ask your doctor and in the meantime, just avoid them or try a different type of frozen treat and see if you have the same reaction.
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