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I have been having spots of hair fall out in three different places over the last 2 years.  It takes forever to grow back and it is now growing back in a diffrent color.  I want to exactly what cause it what treatment options are there?  It's becoming annoying and rather embarrassing to be honest. Could someone help here?
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I also have alopecia and i have some information about this
What Causes It?
In alopecia areata, immune system cells called white blood cells attack the rapidly growing cells in the hair follicles that make the hair. The affected hair follicles become small and drastically slow down hair production. Fortunately, the stem cells that continuously supply the follicle with new cells do not seem to be targeted. So the follicle always has the potential to regrow hair.

Scientists do not know exactly why the hair follicles undergo these changes, but they suspect that a combination of genes may predispose some people to the disease. In those who are genetically predisposed, some type of trigger – perhaps a virus or something in the person’s environment – brings on the attack against the hair follicles
Will My Hair Ever Grow Back?
There is every chance that your hair will regrow, but it may also fall out again. No one can predict when it might regrow or fall out. The course of the disease varies from person to person. Some people lose just a few patches of hair, then the hair regrows, and the condition never recurs. Other people continue to lose and regrow hair for many years. A few lose all the hair on their head; some lose all the hair on their head, face, and body. Even in those who lose all their hair, the possibility for full regrowth remains.

In some, the initial hair regrowth is white, with a gradual return of the original hair color. In most, the regrown hair is ultimately the same color and texture as the original hair.

How Is It Treated?
Although there is neither a cure for alopecia areata nor drugs approved for its treatment, some people find that medications approved for other purposes can help hair grow back, at least temporarily. The following are some treatments for alopecia areata. Keep in mind that although these treatments may promote hair growth, none of them prevent new patches or actually cure the underlying disease. Consult your health care professional about the best option for you.

do you know if i can pass alopecia to my children?
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Hi, You probably have Alopecia Areata. I was diagnosed with it when I was 9 because I had three huge bald spots. I got made fun of an awful lot for it but eventually it went away on its own. I still have a spot where the hair never grew back but it is hardly noticeable. So do not worry too much most likely your hair will grow back. You should probably see a dermatologist.

Alopecia can be hereditary and passed on to your children. There are several people in my family who have it as well. Pregnancy can onset it as well. When my aunt became pregnant with my cousin, she already had alopecia, and ended up losing all her hair and never getting it back. But she does have a fabulous wig, and I never even knew it was a wig till 6 months ago! Not that you will become bald, it is highly unlikely.
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