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Does Botox cause hair loss/thnning?

Hello - I was wondering if it is possible that Botox could cause hair loss? I have used Botox regularly for the last 7 years and in the last year, noticed that my hair has been thinning. I have always had fine, fragile hair and also just turned 40 - so I am not sure if this is age/hormonal related. I started taking Biotin and other supplements about 2 months ago which has helped reduce fallout, but noticed after my last Botox treatment a few weeks ago (on my forehead), that my hair seemed to be thinning again. Just curious if there is any connection.
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It is very less likely for botox to cause hair loss. Infact botox has started to be used as a hair loss treatment. Give your diet an overhaul if you're lacking vital nutrients for growth and switch to foods for healthy hair. If it's related to an illness, it can be reversed by effectively treating the underlying cause.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Yes I believe botox can cause hair loss especially around the forhead. There are Many  blogs with other people correlating  similar hairl loss to botox. One of the reasons I think this can happen (among many) is that if your forhead muscles are paralysed for long periods of time there will be a significant reduction in underlying surface blood flow to the upper dermis. Hair folic and are in this layer and need a good circulation of blood to stimulate constant growth of new hair cycles. So it is very likely that hair directly around muscles that have been paralysed my suffer growth and re growth during the months where circulation is cut off.
I agree!
Yes! I agree too! my hair started to shed excessively from my botox injections for my migraines.  I will not be continuing treatment with Botox since it did affect the blood flow to my scalp hair
I had botox in January and since then my eyebrows have completely disappeared. There's no other explanation as I am otherwise 100% fit and healthy. My question is, will they grow back or should I look at microblading??
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I have had Botox in forehead and immediately after a continuous twitch in my eyelid followed by hair loss in my eyebrow in the same area a couple weeks later, the twitch has settled slightly but hair in eyebrows grows back then I lose it again, is there any permanent damage to nerve in this area?
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Yes it does. I did a little research on my self. Two years ago I had botox and the top of my hair started shedding. After six months the botox wore out and around 8 months I saw new hairs growing. Let me add that I had blood work, checked my thyroid and ovaries and I was completely healthy. Well around 10 months my hair my thick again! Two years after I totally forgot about this experience and I 'accidentally' went and had botox again (wanted to look good for a wedding)...well here we go again my hair started shedding again. I did blood work, checked ovaries, take no medication  blah blah blah ...I came to the conclusion that its botox! Yes, it does make hair SHED! ITS POISON!
EXACT same thing happened to me. Never again!!
Same thing with me! I had botox for my migraines to where they give you the shots in the forehead, near the base of the neck along the earlobes, near my temples and top sides of my crown.  My hair was shedding so much that I lost alot of volume like as if I was post pregnancy.  
I am so glad I finally made the connection of Botox to hairloss. I went without Botox for almost 12 months because of the pandemic. I thought staying home and being more relaxed was making my ebrows and eyelashes grow again. My eyebrows thickened up and were dark- they were amazing and my lashes grew in and were long. I had Botox just before Christmas and have noticed my ebrows literally shedding. They are sparse and I have had to fill them in with liner. I think I am done with Botox. I want my eye brows and eyelashes back. Also- I was telling my Botox provider about my hair growth during the pandemic and he was very curious and asked a lot of questions....now I know why :(
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Yes I think Botox causes hair loss. I had first treatment April 2017, again August  2017, and again in December 2017. I noticed the hair had thinned on top of my head and the ends of my eyebrows weren't growing back by March 2018. I went to the doctor to get everything checked and findings were all normal. So I got a new haircut and colour and moved on with my life still- not registering the possible connection.  September 2018 I had another botox treatment and sure enough about 7-8 weeks later, November 1, 2018, my hair was coming out in clumps in the shower and in the brush- it was all over my pillow too. Most of the loss was on top of my head. I started biotin, hair vitamins, and collagen powder. The hair stopped falling out about the first week of January 2019. I didn't have any weight fluctuations, don't drink much alcohol, no stressful event happened. I'm now sure Botox was the cause of the hair loss. I really wish more women were aware of this possibility. I would put up with crows feet any day than lose my hair!! I will post in the future whether the hair grows back.
Did your hair grow back yet? I’m freaking out because I am currently going through this same situation as you have. I would love to just know that there is a possibility it will grow back.
This happened to me too. Unfortunately because of healthcare professionals constantly saying there’s NO correlation, I kept getting it. But now I know for a fact that Botox causes aggressive hair loss in my eyebrows and the crown of my head. All my labs are always clean and I am very young and otherwise healthy. Should’ve never messed with my face. Never touching that toxin again.
That s ucks Shimm.  How old are you?  What were you getting the botox for?  You aren't alone. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5096242/  Apparently this is being found out to be something that can happen.  Are they telling you there is no reversal for it?
Did anyone's eyebrows grow back again? I'm considering microblading as my face is 'bald'. Even my 63 year old brother, who notices nothing, asked me the other day 'what happened to your eyebrows?'
Mine grew back but have fallen out again (see my comment below) Based on my experience it is worth stopping Botox for a year to see if you have improved. I used an eyebrow serum during that time and I think it helped too. I literally got bushy eyebrows. It was amazing. I wouldn’t microblade.
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How much hair falls out? I’ve just started experiencing this and I’m about to lose my mind! How long does the thinning last? Does your hair grow back to normal in time?
I too, have experanced the same issue I received  Botox injections on my forehead around my eyes and  between my eyebrows I lost 35% of my hair all over my head and had 1" bold spots from the right side of my head over to the left side of my head!
Devastating is all I can say Devastating! I stopped getting Botox immediately its been two years and I have still not regrown all the hair that I lost.

I don't smoke, don't drink, no drugs no prescriptions. I was completely healthy my blood-work was clean and healthy and all in the normal rang. I did a whole body cleanse and started taking the following supplements and my hair stopped falling out, but still had some bald spots that were not filling in.

Supplement list:
1) MSM 99.9% pure by Kala health
2) Biotin by Pure
3) Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
4) He Shou Wu capsules 2 "00" twice a day I order the He Shou Wu and make my own capsules
5) Saw Palmetto 2 "00" capsules twice a day
6) Vitamin D3 1 5,000 IU once a day
7) Potassium Magnesium by Pure 1 capsule twice a day
8) Ashwa Gandah Tincture
9) Stopped using any shampoos with sodium laurel sulphate

These supplements and herbs stopped my hair from falling out any further and I regained 15% back in what fell out so I went a bit further and started Ozone tharapy 10 pass's Therapy as well as diving in the Hyperbaric tank 4 times a week my hair I am happy to report after two years is growing back.

I have paid a high price all in the name of vanity trying to circumvent lines and wrinkles. I share this because I want to help others who are suffering from hair loss due to Botox injections! use pine sap salve and make it yourself it will do away with those lines and crows feet.

DON'T get BOTOX!!!!! They know what it is doing to us, they don't care because they are Big Pharma and because they will make even more money from us when we  starting noticing significant hair-loss and start pouring money into any and every so called hair loss cure they advertise.

The hero for me was the Ozone Therapy 10 passes 3 times a month for 4 month and diving in Hyperbaric Tank 4 time a week for 4 months, MSM, Saw Palmetto and He Shou Wu. I hope this helps someone out there! I wish you all the best.

Thanks for your detailed information here.  Helpful!
You mentioned pine sap salve where did u get that? Does it really help with wrinkles? My hair is slowly growing back I don’t think all the Botox has wore off even though it’s been 8 months.... also the Botox changed my entire face.... I’ll never it that stuff again!
Hello all! I am also concerned. Did you notice that hair grew back?
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I, too, have been experiencing this same issue. Since the neurologists inject the Botox around my frontal hairline, I have tracing it back to the treatments as well. At 38 years old, I have no personal history of alopecia or thinning of the hair and it does not run in my family.
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Has anyone here had this happen and have their hair grow back? I had Botox three times- last being June 2019. Noticed major hair loss after that, and I went back and looked at photos- ever since I started Botox my hair was thinner, worse after each treatment. Does anyone have experience like this with it growing back? Also, does anyone know of any Botox alternatives? I’m kind of sad that I can’t get Botox anymore...I wish I could find something to keep the forehead wrinkles away and give me the same effect has a Botox brow lift.
I am seriously hoping it grows back after discontinuation. Even though my daughter noticed this on me in the last couple of months I dismissed her comment.  I only noticed myself last night. I will certainly comment on what my follow up experience is into the future and hope it is good news to report. I am continuing on biotin and other supplements in the meantime and am so freaked out I would try a topical solution for regrowth. I don’t think I am willing to see if it comes back naturally at this initial point. I am worried.
Thanks for your response- I’ve noticed for a year but it got really bad since the summer. Please keep us posted, and I will do the same! Currently on iron, viviscal, and a whole bunch of other vitamins. Rosemary oil applied topically. Blood work and scheduled to have a scalp biopsy in a couple of weeks! Still terrified it’s not going to grow back. But at the same time so sad I won’t be getting Botox anymore!
Any improvement?
Not yet. But I am in the process of raising my ferritin levels. My last blood test they had increased to 34. I was told by a new doctor that I wouldn’t see any improvement in my hair as long as my ferritin is too low, no matter what the cause of the hair loss was. So waiting to get ferritin levels to 70-90, and then improvement shouldn’t even start until they are at that level for 4 months.
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I started taking vitamins every day and it has helped it from continuing to fall out... I let up on taking them I’m going to start back I have not seen any growth back in the front I actually have a bald spot in the front.... it’s only been four months I’m hoping the more it wears off maybe my hair will grow back... this has been the worst few months of my life!!!! Please keep me updated!!!
Ugh I agree! Same here. My Botox wore off in December , and so far I don’t see any regrowth. I am tryingPRP in February.
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Has anyone here had their ferritin levels checked? I have low ferritin and I’m wondering if there is a correlation between ferritin levels and Botox- because botox doesn’t seem to cause hair loss for most people- trying to figure out why it would affect certain people in this way.
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