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Experiencing hair loss at a young age and in a weird way..


So at the age of 19, when I shaved my head (for the hell of it) I noticed that my hairline was maturing and my scalp was starting to thin, it was barely noticeable but I noticed it. This was during a high stress time for me about 2 months when I wasn’t talking to my parents. Anyways ever since then I’ve been losing my hair and for the past 6 months, my hair falls out by the clumps, when I simply brush my hand through my hair gently, the hair just pours out, 50-60 strands of hair falls out, every single time, if I’m in the shower the same occurande happens. My bed has my hair all over it too. My scalp and the sides of my head itch on a regular basis, not so much my scalp and though. I’m left to believe that this could be caused by “Telogen effluvium” which is thinning and loss of hair due to a stressful experience, which makes sense. Because your hair doesn’t fall out in massive clumps with MPB. Another thing I notcied is when I self examine my hair, the ‘bulb’ piece of the hair(the little white part at the buttom of the hair strand) I find a small clump of yellow-ish crust at the end, maybe there’s a build up causing my hair idk. My hair loss caused by something and i need answers. Apparently I have a better chance of winning the lottery than I do seeing a Dermotologist.
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