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For Alopecia Areata problem is their any permanent solution


My daughter is 3 years old. she is having alopecia areata problem since one year. we tried few tropical solutions on her scalp.some of them helped initially with one or two patches but after three months she again got the peoblem back but this time it was severe and big patches too . so we lost hopes on the allopathic medicines . doctors are not sure of anything.so we are worrried. please help us.
if some one could help us ,with more information on this that would be helpful.keep post ur info.

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My daughter was just dx w/ alopecia areata. She is currently 16 mo old, and has several patches starting at 13 mo old. It is frustrating, and very upsetting to me. We are trying a steroid cream. No one seems to know of kids this young getting it, so I was surprised to see your post. I'd love to share info w/ you. Angie
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Best of luck to both of you. I was diagnosed with alopecia areata at 7yrs old, it started as a few patched and then by the time I was entering high school I had no hair left. Since that time I have had waves of baldness to the point now I have no hair on my head, arms, legs, minimal pubic hair and I'm losing my eyebrows.
I know that some people in this forum have talked about injections but from what I have experienced/read the younger the onset the less likely hair growth is. I'm sorry if this is true but where your children are so young you should know that while they may have difficult times it will be easier on them.

Again best of luck to both of you,
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Found this by surprise, Alopecia forum. My childs mother has this condition. When in labor and delivery at North Carolina University she had (bad speller) epidural 2 times. Also had toxima and preclampsia. Anyhow had beautiful daughter now 18 years old. But 2 monthes after daughter was born she started loseing large amounts (hanffulls) of hair. In 1 monthes time total hair loss of entire body. I beleave the medical term was alopecia unaversa. To this day we stay in good contact but she has been dealing with now for 18 years (wigs and fake eye lashes) The Dr's at UNC told her it could be a rare side effect of the epidural hitting a nerve She tryed all there ideas ultra-violet lights from tanning beds homone therapy and many differant types of creams with no luck. I would not wish this on my worst enemy (take that back maybe 1 or 2 lol). This might be the freek in me I dont know but, after the first shock I found it very sexy!! I hope I helped in some way
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hi....well my self manish from india. i am also sicked by alopecia areata since i am 14 years old...right now i m 23 years old and i am sure that all of you become surprised and happy that my hair is growing back since 2 months ago...so i want to help all of you who is suffering from this ...so please send me your details as soon as possible...i know my english is not very well and i m sorry for that but i know its enough to understand what i wana say...my email address is - ***@****

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