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Hair Loss with grain like sand on my scalp?

I have been recently losing my hair at the tender age of 23 even without all my facial hair coming in. Anway I went to a Derm she said i had early signs male pattern baldness and put me on propecia which I have been on for about 15 days.  Well I still seem to be shedding hairs like crazy.  I also have been under in extreme stress when my gf of 4 yrs broke up with me 3 months ago (so not as much stress now but at the time it was intense).  I have been shedding hairs ever since.  To make matters worse I had blood tests done and everything came back normal except I had low iron in my blood.  So now I have been taking a multivitamin with iron for a couple weeks. Which I heard low iron can cause hair loss.

But what I dont understand is that I still seem to be shedding a lot with little white bulbs at the end of my hair.  When the hair seems to shed it is also of very different lengths. Some long, some tiny which is odd to me.  Also if I scratch my head 5 or more hairs will fall out.  Along with the scratching i notice that i can pick up tiny white/yellowish specs, like that of a grain of sand on my scalp.  Any ideas to what these little specs are and if they could be contributing to my hair loss?  Is it normal/good to lose hair with the little white bulb at the end? Lastly why am i losing hair at different lengths?
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Rogaine initially causes a little shedding of it's own, from what I've read, but that doesn't mean it isn't going to help you down the road.  You could be tested for celiac disease.  If that's the problem, cutting gluten out of your diet will help your hair.  That will mean wheat, rye, and some other grains.  It's easier to find gluten-free stuff now.  Maybe your skin flora is off, so you could try rinsing your hair with diluted vinegar if it seems oily.  Or try putting baking soda in your shampoo.  Either of those would treat dandruff and pore-clogged hair loss.  
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First off the little white bits are most likely Scalp. Kinda like dandrif(spelling?) and the little white bulb on the end is the root of the hair.  Though if you are concerned about it.. next time you see the doctor try to gather some up or show them on your scalp while your there.

Second. It really just sounds like you have really dry scalp. You said you started really losing hair after you broke up with your girlfriend.. did you use to use her shampoo and conditioner, and then switched to a cheap guy brand?  This could be the problem. You may want to grab yourself some Dry scalp medicated shampoo and some good moisterizing conditioner.

Now Rogain will also cause some dry scalp issues.  So you may have to think back.. did the Grains of sand start before or after the Rogain.  IF it was before.. the shampoo maybe all you need. And with good healthy Moisterized scalp you hair might start growing back.
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I am a 25 year old female and I have the same sand-like particles. It is so strange. I feel like my hair is thinner and my stress level goes from high to low. I just feel like the particles are always around, but more so when I am stressed. Let me know what you find out. I am going to get my thyroid checked as well.
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I have had hundreds of sand-like particles on each of my hands (palms and fingers) and on the soles of my feet for the last 17 years, which made them feel like sandpaper. Despite trying many treatments of various sorts, nothing got rid of them permanently -- they just kept coming back, so last fall I finally gave up trying to get rid of them.

In April, I increased my Vitamin D (which is really a prohormone, not a vitamin) intake from an average of 1500 IU/day to between 5,000 and 7,000 IU/day to reduce my chances of getting cancer after reading a boat load of research on it. Surprisingly, just last week I noticed that the sand-like particles are totally gone and my hands are now very smooth! Since nothing else has changed other than increasing my D intake, I can only conclude the Vitamin D is responsible.

You should try it. Recent research suggests it may help to prevent hair loss. If it doesn't help with the hair loss, based on my experience, it will probably get rid of the sand-like particles. If it doesn't, among other beneficial effects, it will definitely help clear up acne if you have it, improve your immunity so you are much less susceptible to colds and flu, and significantly reduce your chances of getting cancer. So still well worth the trial.

You need to take the higher levels, though, for most of these benefits. Rule of thumb: multiply body weight in pounds by 35 IU to calculate your minimum daily dosage. Don't worry too much about toxicity -- research shows that it doesn't get toxic until well over 40,000 IU/day, but it is best not to exceed 10,000 IU/day. Get your blood levels checked after 3 months supplementation to be sure. It takes 3 months to optimize your blood levels. For complete absorption, be sure to take it with a meal containing healthy fat, as it is fat soluble. I use the drops (with no chemical preservatives), which are the most absorbable.

Other nutrients help with hair loss, too. Check out the following sites which list and discuss them:

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Hi, I am sorry about your hair loss experience. I hope that I am wrong for your sake, but I believe you, and others on this board may have signs of a disease process called Morgellons. I have it. The different size hair (psudo hair believe to be caused by a bacteria), and grainy particles as well as hair loss are all symptoms of Morgellons. Unfortunately, after about a year of the grainy scalp particles, and tremendous stress I experienced the rest of the symptoms that are outlined in sites I provided below. I did not loose my hair, but many people have. My life will never be the same. I intentionally look for people searching for similar symptoms in the hope that I can help one person not get to the level of illness that many of us have reached as well as raise awareness.

Please visit the following sites for more information.
The Charles E. Holman Foundation at www.thecehf.org
MorgellonsResearchFoundation.org - http://morgellons.org/
research morgellons and Dr. Randy Wymore, Robert Bransfield - psychiatry
marc neuman.

There are other major contributors studying this disease, but I don't want to overwhelm you with too much information.

If you think you fit the description, remember that you are not alone. There are a lot of dedicated people working very hard for a cure, and there are many people who will take the time to talk to you and give you some guidance. You may send me a message if you desire and I will try and help you. Get help immediately. The longer you wait the worse the disease becomes, and the harder to get it into a remission. Building the immune system, and helping your body fight this is what we all strive for just to keep it at by. So, warbler1, if you have this and killed it, or put it in remission through your remedy, the Morgellons boards would appreciate your incite.

Don't let a doctor tell you that you are delusional. Dr. Bransfield, psychiatrist, studied this disease after many patients with this disease came to him. He published a medical journal urging medical professionals to stop telling people they are nuts, and investigated thoroughly. The problem is that the docs do not know how to treat because they don't understand it. The CDC (center for disease control)  is way behind in releasing their study on this.

The University of Oklahoma Medical Research center is studying this disease with Dr. Wymore, and other professionals. I have been told that Dr. Stricker, who was a major contributor to aids research is also involved. Dr. Wymore stumbled on this disease while teaching students about cancer. He was researching muscle fibers, and lo and behold read about Morgellons. His compassion brought everything to the next level when he requested samples of Morgellons patients around the globe.  You will be overwhelmed with the information out there, and then you will wonder why we are begging for recognition, and why our government is sitting on this. It took 30 years before Aids was recognized as a real disease.

It is estimated that 300K people have this disease around the world, and the numbers are growing exponentially. There are many theories as to the cause, and therefore much controversy, and fear. It is a bizarre illness, and the medical community has not been much help to us. Stay away from debunking sites. These people have no idea how many people they are harming, and do not have the facts. Or maybe they know exactly what they are doing and why. There are theories that certain man made elements including biological components like agribacteria, and chemtrails in our environment, and food are causing this disease. Fear of lawsuits, political unrest due to fear? I don't have the answers, I just know that with all the bs online, it is understandable why people are not taking heed. It is not until you acquire this dreadful affliction that you take notice.

To end, I pray for all of you that you do not have this disease. Please take the time to educate yourselves, and others on this illness because it can happen to you and your family. We need your support.
Hi I've just read all these post and really scared now. Ive got this sandy lumbs in my hair(for last month) and after looking into everything everyones said including Morgellons. Don't know what to do. Help.....
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usde anti fungal liqid.like miconzble nitrate.my sand on scalp totaly gone away.it is dandrffdont afraid.
Has it all gone still. I'm looking for something that works. Going to my doctor and wondered if your sand like condition has still gone.
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Although U have written quite some time ago, this is for U and others w/the sand/white bulb and itchy scalp.  I truly believe Fungal. Best help I have found is the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse after shampooing. I then add a little conditioner to end to diffuse vinegar smell. So far the itching is pretty much gone and an article I read says it will get worse before better (Only twice used so far and hours of itching GONE!).  For those that also have the WHITE BALLS on SCABS ON THE BODY - Dr. ordered `Clotrimazole-Betamethasone Cream` (also an anti-fungal), working like a charm in 1 (no lie), DAY!!  I, however will continue using it as not all r gone and DO NOT WANT THIS AGAIN!  Hope this works for all w/this Itching madness and please let me know.
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I have had these symptoms for over two years now, lost lots of my hair daily, itchy sensation, especially when my finger touch the skin head, sandy like grain on my hair. I am so very frustrated looking at my thinning hair and trying many different types of shampoo, regular, scalp, fungus, including the traditional ways with vinegar, lemon, aloe vera etc where none seems to help at all. I've have consulted a general practitioner and a specialist, but they didn't even bother looking into the real issue.
About a month ago, I walked in to a local small shop nearby my house, the Beauty Supply Outlet, on Queen street, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada,and asked for a shampoo with the least chemicals ingredients. A nice gentleman who work at the store recommended one brand for me to consider and try out.  If I was not happy, simply bring the product back (regardless how much I have used the shampoo) within 14 days with receipt, the store will allow me to exchange with any different brands of the same value (wow.... this offer is trully amazing!!!!!!!!!!).
I went home and used the shampoo three to four times a week (I don't shampoo everyday as recommended in one of the blog for a healthy hair), to my surprise I experienced some improvements, hair loss was less, the grain size became smaller and less. At the end of the 2nd week, I decided to continue on with the shampoo, instead of taking and exchanging it with different brand. Now, I am on the 4th week and it looks like it continues to feel better, therefore I am writing this and sharing this with all of you who is currently suffering the same frustrated symptoms. I myself hope this will end my arduous search for a cure to my hair loss. Btw, I am in my early 50's, but I am very sure my major hair loss was not necessary due to aging, but this sandy grain issue.
Fyi, I am not in any way affiliated with the company producing the shampoo. Give it a try & see if it works.  Brand of the shampoo is Babyliss Pro Argan Oil - 350ml (cost less than $20 per bottle).  Good luck and let all of us know if this works also for you.
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Sounds like Dermodex mites. Tea tree oil. The mites kill the follicle while feeding in sebum. They bury in ur skin and come out to mate which is what makes u itch. The grains are balled up skin cells from the mites pushing down into your skin, some people call them plugs. Some scabies medications can kill them too as they are related.
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I am 22 & have been losing hair & my scalp had the same grainy texture your describing. I had thyroid tests and blood tests, nothing came up abnormal. What I did find is that I had Candida overgrowth. (look it up) I, and probably a lot of people up here, ate a diet high in sugars and starch, whatever I could fix or pick up fast to eat, is what I ate. I have significantly cut back on sugars & make my meals at home. I am taking a natural supplement to treat this (look up Candida on Amazon, there are several supplements, go for one that is well reviewed) Anyways, I hope that helps someone! I feel much better.
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Although U have published quite earlier, this is for U and others w/the sand/white lamp and scratchy head.  I truly believe Fungus. Best help I have discovered is the The apple company Cider White-colored vinegar wash after washing. I then add a little refresher to end to dissipate vinegar fragrance. So far the itchiness is gone and a piece of writing I study says it will get more intense before better (Only twice used so far and duration of itchiness GONE!).  For those that also have the WHITE BALLS on SCABS ON THE BODY - Dr. requested `Clotrimazole-Betamethasone Cream` (also an anti-fungal), operating like a appeal in 1 (no lie), DAY!!  I, however will use it as not all r gone and DO NOT WANT THIS AGAIN!  Wish this performs for all w/this Itching insanity and please let me know.
I have same problems i went to my natural path and got him to recheck my thyroid levels and my levels tsh 3 and 4 are both tanking meaning they are falling quickly..then my antibodies came back and they are at 1200 supposed to be at 300. He says its the beginings of hashimotos disease or hypothyroid. Body is attacking my hair and everything else! Reg drs dont test or acocount this part of this important diagnositc equation. I have hives and crystalizations on my scalp and balbs and brakage are a routine each day. My sink and brush is covered.  I have diabetes pocs gullbladder disease in which are all autoimmune disease. If you have one you more than likely have another autodisease to get tested for. He put me on dht blocker saw pometto and liver detox. I can only pray now bc this hair loss had put me in to a state. I just want this hell to end. Hope this helps..
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