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Can I take these herbal remedies together?

Trying Curcumin bcm 95 and holy basil for depression and anxiety disorder. Is it safe to add rhodiola rosea to this?
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Think I answered the first part of this already.  Don't see how circumin is going to help any.  Holy basil might help with the anxiety part, but not with depression -- it helps with controlling cortisol output but if you have low sugar be careful as it also can lower blood sugar.  Rhodiola you'll just have to try, as it can be very stimulating for some people and increase anxiety.  Ashwagandha would be a better choice of an adaptogen for what you're going for.  But if you're going to try natural medicine for depression and anxiety, you're going about it around the edges.  It doesn't sound like you know natural medicine all that well, so it might be better to see a naturopath or practitioner of integrated medicine to guide you.  A good book for an overview is Natural Highs by Hyla Cass, a psychiatrist at UCLA, but there are many books on this subject.  Natural medicine would generally go at this by targeting different parts of your body that are thought to contribute to these disorders, though different cultures have developed very different theories of how to treat this.  What you're missing completely at this point are any remedies targeting brain neurotransmitters, and natural medicine would include diet and exercise and relaxation techniques such as meditation and therapy as part of the holistic treatment.  Good luck.
But yes, you can take these together.
I have been researching thoroughly and it has been found that curcumin bcm 95 is as effective an antidepressant as fluoxetine.
I appreciate your advice which is why i ask but I research everything that goes into my body in great detail and have managed in the past with herbal medicines until the cheese effect, as they call it set in.
Hi i had replied and it disappeared. 5htp and st John's wart gave me tachycardia.
Haven't tried taurine, just going with my research so far.
Do have the natural high book somewhere but prefer finding people who have tried or know through experience. IBS plays up off my meds too so also on conventional meds too.
Curcumin seems to be giving me tachycardia too so going to swap it out for saffron. Saffron and holy Basil OK together?
Add in rhodiola if required when it comes. Also take krill oil and evening primrose oil.
Thanks paxiled x
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Curcumin Boosts DHA!
DHA refers to an omega-3 fatty acid (polysaturated fatty acids or PUFAs).

It has beneficial effects on the neurological function (functioning of the nervous system).

DHA deficiency leads to neurocognitive diseases such as anxiety-like behavior, depression.

Yeah I have read that the curcumin has been trialed and is most effective for depression in the bcm 95 form. I am taking that for depression and holy basil for anxiety. Was just wondering if can take rhodiola rosea with these ?
Yes, you can, but with the caveat I mentioned.  Don't expect curcumin to help, though, and it it does, expect it to take years for it to work.  DHA also probably has no effect on anxiety or depression; what it mainly claimed is that it helps with maintaining a healthy brain and improving cognition, but anxiety is thought to come from the amygdyla in the primitive brain where this doesn't matter and nobody knows where depression comes from at this point.  Because there are other remedies that have proven out in actual people I'd move to those, but taking curcumin is always a great idea unless you have a problem with blood thinning -- it's positive for the liver and for inflammation and I take it every day, but it's done nothing for my depression or anxiety.  I hope you get the desired results from it, and if you do, let us know.  Now, I'm still wondering why you don't mention St. John's Wort, 5-HTP, passionflower, taurine, tyrosine, B6, and other remedies that actually directly affect the brain.  
Thanks gymdandee.
Going try saffron again with holy Basil. The curcumin seems to be given me tachycardia.
Saffron and holy basil OK? Will add in the rhodiola possibly when it arrives.
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Hi 5htp gave me a racing pulse as did st John's wart.
I don't think I've tried taurine yet but the holy basil doing well. The curcumin. I think affecting my pulse so going replace that with the saffron capsules for a while and have rhodiola rosea on the way which I did well on last time til the cheese effect thing kicked in.
Saffron and holy basil ok together I hope ??
Thanks your comments are appreciated.
With the curcumin i went with the apparent research showing positive results in depressive patients during clinical trials. You'll find it if you Google curcumin bcm-95 and depression.
Thanks Paxiled
Shouldn't be a problem with the saffron and holy basil used together.  I've never used saffron as a healing herb, but isn't it terribly expensive?  
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