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The Big D of General Health (Please Read)

Good morning or evening or day or night or afternoon ladies and gentlemen and hello. My name is Hamed Khatiz and I am a 16 year old student, writer and drummer among many more from Sydney NSW Australia. My main message, however, concerns none of those.

Yesterday I made my first ever self diagnosis. Severe Muscle Aching from Dehydration originating from Diarrhea. The Muscle Pain and the Dehydration are completely gone I have so much more energy than I did when I was diagnosed, but the last part is not gone. I read on the Internet that a good way to manage the condition is by replacing the fluids and electrolytes lost. So I pretty much drunk myself stupid with water, fruit juices, you name it.


Didn't work.

I don't necessarily want to go to the doctor about it, but if you know any natural management strategies and cures to help me, I am willing to try anything. How long does this condition usually last and how can I help get my normal life back on track without being so freaking sick?!

There have got to be some natural remedies and cures, right?

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Not quite sure what's left -- do you mean the diarrhea?  And did you literally mean drinking yourself silly?  That's too much in a short period of time, if that's what you mean, and the fruit juice would contain a lot of sugar.  I guess we need more info.
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The Drinking Myself Silly part is hyperbolic, I didn't drink so much that I died. And yes I am talking about diarrhea.
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As Paxiled said drinking all the fluid in a short period isn't the cure!
The question is why the diarrhea? I suggest you see your doctor You don't mention how long this is going on.
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Replacing electrolytes is not a cure for the diarrhoea it just allows your body time to cure itself. When your body is invaded by a substance which is harmful to it, it is natural for it to try and get rid of it.  The easiest way is for it to empty your gut in the form of diarrhoea or vomiting. In the process it uses up a lot of liquid and minerals which need to be replaced. Commercial  rehydration salts normally contain a mixture of salts and sugars designed to replace the missing sodium potassium and magnesium and to provide  a short term energy boost. These powders rely on being made up with clean water otherwise the chance of reinfection is high this is why these are sometime ineffective in countries where the water supplies are contaminated with bacteria. There are many types of bacteria which might cause such an infection so Drs sometime use clay compounds such as Kieselguhr  which bind the bacteria to their surface to aid its removal from your gut. Some times these contain opiate pain killers and if taken for too long these can lead to constipation.
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