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what medication should i take if im feeling sorry for myself?
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None.  See a therapist.  Only if your life is greatly impaired and therapy hasn't worked should you try medication.  Just my opinion.
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Prozac. Its for many different symptoms such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, bulimia nervosa, and o.c.d. This medication helps take your attention off of yourself so much and helps you start enjoying life and the things around you. I would recommend asking your physician is if would be right for you. Good Luck
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There are times when we all feel sorry for ourselves. There are times when we are depressed. These moods are usually temporary. Are you saying that this is chronic? Also, what are you feeling sorry for yourself about?
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Yes therapy to find out why you feel like this ,5HTP works to lift mood read some of the other posts on this forum , and Europe uses SamE , there is something called the 'Serenity foruma' which definatly works , herbal, they do recommend take it for a few weeks then take a break, in my opinion the prescribed drugs can be addictive and have many nasty side effects . If is is just a temporary feeling, get some exercise in , long walks ,look at our beautiful America , stop thinking, it is often our thoughts that make us feel bad .Good Luck
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Have you tried Sam E?  It is pretty effective and does work for general mood improvement.  It is not a prescription medication, and is naturally occuring in your body.  I take it every day and have noticed an even mood and sense of well being.  But exercise coupled with a natural whole foods diet works best for me.
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