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Is it normal for a senior to occasionally say the same thing twice? Over the past year, I've noticed that my mother sometimes tells me something or asks a question, only to forget and repeat the same thing ten minutes later. It doesn't happen particularly often (maybe half a dozen times so far over the span of a year), but I'm concerned because this seems to be cited as a warning sign for Alzheimer's.

Aside from that, I haven't noticed any other early symptoms as her memory and ability to multi-task is generally good. She has forgotten to tend to the stove once (filled the kitchen with smoke), but she was distracted by the TV that time.

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hum, thats the way my mom started out asking a question over and over and if we ask her what she had for dinner maybe a hour or so later she didnt know. you can take her and have her checked out they will do memory test and can tell you what they think. good luck and GOD Bless you and her
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there is no cure for this Diease sad to say, there are meds to help with it but nothing to cure it.
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