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Deep White Matter Disease

I recently saw a neurologist.  I had brain MRI and a cervical MRI.  My brain MRI found extensive punctate periventricular and pontine deep white matter signaling abnormalities that are abnormalities greater than expected for my age (56) present in the cerebrum.  These are nonspecific but suggestive of chronic deep white matter ischemic change if patient has had a history of Hypertension or diabetes, of which I do not have.  The cerebellum no mass/mass effect; however, in the brainstem has this deep white matter disease.

What does this mean?  Is it early on-set Alzheirmer's.  My short term memory is getting worse.  My neurologist has not told me anything and he is sending me to a neurosurgeon. When I do not know and the doctor is not saying anything!!! I don't have a clue as to what is going on :(

Can you give me a clue as to what is happening?
Signed Nancy
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Hi, so sorry your having to go threw all this stress and health problem.   As we are not drs we can not say what the white matter is,

I do have a friend who just had a MRI and she to has the white matter, but drs are saying it's from all the meds she takes. Are you on meds

Does Alzheimer's run threw your family

You could be forgetting more now because the stress.

Try not to worry to much until you have seen your dr and he gives you a answer.

Plz keep in touch, always here to talk. Prayers your way. Heart
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Those white matter changes are, as the report says, non-specific. I am actually surprised the neuro is sending you to a surgeon as they won't be removed as far as I know.

They can be caused by many things - migraines, high blood pressure, mini-strokes, MS etc - so the causes can range from a bunch of diseases that would require an extensive history and more testing.

If this neurologist is not able to pin down the source, I would find another neurologist - but the reason/cause may not be able to be found at this time, and they may place you on watchful waiting to see if the spots progress.
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Thank you for your concern.  I do take medication and I see the neurosurgeon
early tomorrow.  I can surely wait until tomorrow.  I am glad I found this web site, and thank you for your comments.  They are pretty inspiring and I will post what the doctor on Thursday.   Again, thank you
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Thank you for your encouraging words.  The reason why they want to send me to a neurosurgeon is the cervical MRI has stenosis around C3-C4 and is putting pressure on the nerves. This could explain why my left leg is numb to the touch.  
  I am really disappointed with my neurologist, because he should of explained this diagnosis :(  Thank you for taking the time out of your day to
make me feel better.  I appreciated it very much.
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Checking in to see what Dr said.

Hope your doing good. Heart
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