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24 Year Old with sudden lisp


I'm a 24-year-old male who a couple weeks ago began noticing myself having a hard time pronouncing S's here and there. My significant others couldn't notice it and so I just ignored it. A week or so later, however, I notice my tongue felt numb and tingling. I looked at it in the mirror and it appeared to be shaking. (Note: I have not noticed it shaking since that day, although it does feel numb). I went to the ER, they said they couldn't do much and scheduled something with a neurologist.

By the time I got to the neurologist, I had begun having fasciculations all over my body (presumably due to stress/anxiety more than a rapid onset of ALS). The neurologist didn't take my ALS fears very seriously after checking my body strength (although I obviously fear this would be a bulbar ALS case) which would show more weakness in the mouth. He scheduled blood tests and an MRI, as well as an x-ray of the spine. (I have had constant headaches for 5 months so we thought the two problems may be releated).

Now, another week later, I am having even more difficulty speaking, feeling a particular tightness in my chin. I can still speak relatively well, with a slurred word her and there, but I feel like I'm having to try too hard. I can still easily open and move my mouth, and shake my tongue quickly from side to side. Should I be concerned? And what should my next plan of action be?

Thank you so much,
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I'm 23 and recently started experiencing similar symptoms (the slurred speech).  In a recent meeting at work it took me four tries to properly pronounce "transition" and my "s"s seem to be slurred.  

Do you have an update on your situation?
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I'm 25 and I have noticed that my s's are getting slurred as well.  I notice it the most when I am signing quick phrases or talking loudly.

Do either of you have any updates?
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So odd! I am a 30 year old female, I started noticing a lisp a few weeks ago. At first it was slight so I didn't take much notice, but now it is becoming very noticable and its making me nervous. I have always had perfect speech. I don't understand this.

Although, I have gone through alot of trauma in the past year. Mom died of breast cancer, aunt died of cancer a couple months ago, my nana just got a diagnosis. I had a bad bicycle accident and was in and out of the trauma unit, after that I too had a diagnosis of something.

And now, to go to school, I left everything in NH and drove to cross country to AZ. I also have been getting really bad migraines as well as the random lisp. Any info would be helpful!
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Woh! 25 and i randomly have experience an extreme lisp and feel like i cannot talk like i normally do. I say words more than once to get them right and i feel very stupid!! It's usually layer in the day when I'm tired and a few times have been while i have people over... Today i started to think, what if it's stroke related?! If you have small strokes can't things like that happen?? It comes and goes very rarely but when it happens self esteem disappears.
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