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I’m a 28 year old male who has some symptoms that are affecting my quality of life both physically and mentally. I have twitches everywhere from my toes to my eyelids. Along with that my left calf is in a weird spot when I walk. I don’t know if it is cramping or just really stiff but there is discomfort when I’m walking. There are no problems with my calf when it is at rest. I have severe hip pain with random crawling sensations in my legs. I am seeing a neuro and I show no signs of clinical weakness or atrophy. Also I had normal reflexes but he stated he wanted an EMG to rule out Lou Gerigs disease. My EMG is two months away and I am super nervous and eaten up with anxiety about the whole thing. Does any of what I wrote above sound like Lou Gerigs disease? It makes me nervous that he specifically wants to rule out Lou Gerigs disease.
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Unfortunately  there isnt a test for ALS you'll keep going back  to the neuro  and they'll tell you your ok ,then if you get other symptoms  they'll start on the stress bit, I've been there .if you do have it ,I hope you dont ,by the time they find it you'll be in or close to a wheel chair .You have to be pushy or go to another dr.good luck
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