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Do I have ALS, I'm extremely worried

So I am 19 years old attending college and lately I've been having fears of having ALS. It all started in the month of February when I began to feel weak in my left arm. I look online to find it linked to ALS, which was a topic I studied throughout last semester. Pretty ironic now that I think about it.

I just brushed it off thinking it was nothing, but then I suddenly felt my body spasm/jerk before going to bed in my dorm room. Shrugged it off. But then my left calf started twitching and cramping like crazy, that was when I began to fear that I might have ALS. I went to the college health center and they check my reflexes with basic strength. They told me I was fine, but then I had trouble swallowing and I ended up panicking again to a point I visited my Doctor's. Even they said I was fine, but said I was missing vitamin D. I was relieved at the time, however, vitamin d doesn't cause these twitches in adults, b12 and magnesium does. The thing is I'm fine with those two so I began to worry again. If that wasn't bad enough I began to feel my tongue twitch and become numb within a span of a week. Now I don't even feel the twitching in the tongue and feel watery saliva in my mouth. And now, I am losing feelings in my foot after waking up. I am still walking but I feels like it's going to give in and stop working completely any moment. I need at least someone to help me calm down, because this is driving me nuts to a point I cannot focus anymore or enjoy life's moments.it feels as if it gets worse each time I fall asleep and wake up.
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