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Frightened and scared. ALS

I had weakness, twiching, and tightness in my calf muscles. I went to my doctor and he did an MRI on my spine among other tests. The MRI showed I had significant compression of my spinal cord with damage to all c-2 through c-7 discs. Had laminoplasty cervical surgery 3 weeks ago to repair it. Initially  for a week or so it was all  good. My legs felt 90% better for a week. Now they are the same or worse, and now my hands are also failing. My left hand especially cant do tasks as my fingers kind of lock up. I think I see some atrophy on the back of my hand above my pinky finger and my thumb. I am so scared now I have ALS. I am terrified.  I had an EMG about 2 months ago that was clean, but at the time besides the twitching it was all UMN signs. And the hour I did the test I wasnt twitching. I am so scared. The only thing that I feel is stopping me from breaking down is the clean EMG a few months back. But cannot figure out how this continues to escalate in my body after surgery.
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