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PLEASE HELP IS THIS ALS? Fasciculation's, weirdness in tongue?

I have some very serious concerns on if I have ALS, I would appreciate any help if someone could give it and I apologise if this is long

This is my timeline...

2 months ago my right little toe started to twitch often.The twitch then started in my right calf and the muscle felt like I had over worked it like I have been down the gym and worked it very hard, where you get that trembly feeling.

I then developed a feeling in the back of my throat like it was closing up or there was a lump in it. I went to see an ENT doctor who performed a scope and nothing was found. The twitching moved up from my calf to my thigh and it feels like my calf and thigh muscles are stiffening even though they are not. I feel like there is movement going on deep inside and they twitch a LOT!

4 weeks ago the feeling in my throat spread to my tongue, I had some days where if I would really have to try to swallow  (this was intermittent) but my tongue felt like it was really heavy and lazy. I kept poking my tongue out every morning checking for full fast movement and there visually appears to be no atrophy or slowing/restriction of tongue movement. But I feel as if my tongue is moving slower or getting in the way when I swallow.

I then started getting pains in my chest and a sensation of someone pushing down on it and it tightening up, I had a chest X-ray and all was normal. 2 weeks ago I saw the doctor for a general medical and had a blood test, CBC, Thyroid, Vitamins and LFT's. All came back normal but it showed a slight elevation in Chlorestorol - This I know means nothing as ALS would not show in a blood test. However, the doctor did say my reflexes were a bit brisk.

I went and saw a Neurologist after my medical 2 weeks ago and he examined me and said he felt It was anxiety as I was showing no typical signs of ALS. He said my reflexes were brisk but no signs of weakness, atrophy, nothing, so in his opinion there was nothing to him suggestive of ALS. I mentioned to him about an EMG and he stated he felt there was no need for one as they very subjective and down to the operator.

As the past few weeks have gone on, my throat feels like its closing, I have occasions where I have to really make the effort to swallow and my tongue is feeling slower and heavier, particularly at the back right side of it near the throat. Also I have noticed when I go to sleep, when I wake up in the morning I have morning sweats and I feel very hot so have to remove my duvet. This morning sweat went from being intermittent to now occurring every morning when I wake. My hands and feet are constantly soaked in sweat and I feel hot a lot of the time. I have read that in some ALS studies people do indeed develop sweats.

I have also developed post nasal drip at the back of my throat (2 weeks) and my breathing seems harder to do at times(Intermittent) and I am noticing sometimes when I eat its hard to clear food from the back of my throat. I get some food sitting at the rear on top of my tongue. I also feel it's getting harder to swallow as each day passes. My twitches are everywhere now, even on my lips and face. My muscles in my arms and legs feel very weak like I have over worked them in the gym.

In conclusion, in my head, I have classic bulbar symptoms.

Closing of throat (due to nerves dying)
Twitches all over my body
Swallowing issues (intermittent at times)
Tongue feeling heavy and strange at the rear right side. I feel like any day I will start to slur
Food getting stuck in my throat
Stiff hands but no weakness
Post nasal drip
Morning bed sweats

It seems as the weeks go by symptoms are arriving rather than disappearing so to me this is progressive. As things are increasing particularly in my mouth.

Can any Doctors here give me any advice if in their opinion they feel this is initial Bulbar onset?

Sorry for the long post!

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I also have a tingling burning sensation in my tongue for past 6 weeks
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