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So scared that I have ALS and I couldn't deal with it if I have it.

I'm a 60 year ol male who was seen by my ortho about a nagging back when I took so many scans of my spine one week. I was very very stressed out the day I had to go see the Dr to discuss my test.
That morning I had noticed my left leg was considerably smaller in size compared to my right leg and calf. Also my hands and fingers have been aching for about 3 weeks now.
My ortho said all mris were good and no problems .
Then I showed him my left leg and hands.
He said It looks like muscle atrophy and sent me to nuerologist..I since now also have a hor see e throat. The nuero is seeing me up for an emg.
I am petrified.  So stressed to the utter max.
I'm able to walk on my  toes and heels  but the left ankle is a lil sore. Idkn how to handle this.  Im losing it...my GP upon looking me over said I'm just really stressed but there is atrophybin left leg....please hell.
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How did everything turn out?
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Nothing you’re describing sounds like ALS. Hopefully you have a dx by now.
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