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What kind of neurological issues does this sound like?

I am a 50 year old male who started developing neurological symptoms about 3 years ago I injured my upper leg by falling into the splits accidently. My upper leg was bruised and I couldn't walk for a week. I healed but about 8 months later I developed pain in my buttocks and upper leg when sitting or laying down that was unbearable. I went to an ortho doctor who ordered an MRI of my lumbar spine that showed some bulging discs in L5 S1 but nothing the ortho doc thought would be causing my pain so he sent me in for an EMG on my left leg. The EMG was abnormal and showed possible left tibial neuropathy. The pain went away but about 8 months ago I developed this burning sensation in my calf and weakness in my foot with chronic twitching in the arch of my foot. I also cannot bend my great toe. It feels very weak and I fatigue easily and sometimes it feels numb. I also developed pain in my neck with numbness, tingling, and burning down my left arm and hand with weakness in my hand. My entire left side is weak with parestesias, coordination issues, and twitching. I went in for a second EMG in January of this year and was dx with C8 and L4 radiculopathy and she said I had irritated nerve roots. My symptoms are getting worse and causing much anxiety. I also had an MRI of the brain which was normal and all my labs are normal. I am very concerned about ALS, of course. I am a 50 year old male so I know I fit the demographic. Does this sound like the beginning of ALS?
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