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Worried symptoms could be something serious (like ALS)

Initially started having dizziness, blurry vision, and an electric shock like feeling in the same spot in my left thigh last December. Dizziness mainly came after running, stopped running and haven't noticed it since. Electric shock feeling in left thigh lasted for about a month, then had onset of tinnitus. Had a visit with a neurologist who said I had a pinched nerve from running to explain the electric shock feeling and dizziness, and I was diagnosed with an astigmatism which he said explained vision. Ordered MRI for tinnitus, he said came back normal (on lipoflavanoid for that). Yesterday developed twitches in both legs now (only thing I did differently yesterday was take the stairs up and down at work, 6 flights, and twitching started after that) but have come and gone since yesterday morning to now (little over 24 hours of off and on). Also experiencing numbness in left hand during night (goes away within seconds of waking up) and periodic numbness and tingling feeling on left outer hand and left pinky during day. Worried twitching is something more serious like ALS.
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