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Butt pain pressure n inner thigh wit a sore

Hello,  I had a sore on my genital area( lookn nuffn like pics I see online) and thought I might of had contracted herpes so I went to doc n got antibiotics , the sore went down tremendously... Doc took a swab and no word yet.. And dat makes me nervous bc it's been days  , although I tested negative for all std's including blood wrk for herpes..!!. But it's been days now n the butt pain n muscle groin pain is excruciating. Feels similar to constipation ontop of pulling a major muscle( like ur veins/muscles wanna pop ) ugh!  Please help,, why do I have this pain??  I'm scared that it could actually b herpes or HPV..
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Hi, genital herpes can cause persisting symptoms of pain. Genital herpes is caused by Herpes simplex type I &II . The virus can lie dormant and can get reactivated at intervals producing symptoms. Hence there is no permanent cure. But antiviral medications like acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir are known to shorten outbreaks and improve symptoms. So, please follow up with your doctor for therapy. Regards.
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Because you took antibiotics and it helped you, this is a sure sign that it's NOT herpes. Antibiotics does not treat Herpes because Herpes is not a bacteria it is a virus. Whatever you have is some sort of bacteria. NOT herpes. This is my opinion of course, but this is the direction I would go.

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