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Aneurysm after clean MRI?

just trying to ease my mind lately.  getting married and this nagging fear keeps rearing its head.   back in 2010 i had an MRI and MRA with no contrast done to detect any aneurysms and results were normal.  this past february 2015 i had an MRI of the head without contrast for dizzy spells and also was told the results were normal.  my mom and aunt both died at the same age of a brain aneurysm at 41.  I'm 33.  their other two sisters were screened and were clear.   am i worrying for nothing or are my concerns warranted.  id love to drop this fear that I've had since i was 15 when my mother passed.
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With your family history, I would say that SOME concern is warranted, but it also sounds like your medical team is watching you closely. Perhaps an in depth talk with the neurologist or cardiologist who is following you would be very beneficial to you........especially with your wedding coming up and all the stress that comes with that. They MAY decide to do an MRI more frequently.........but that is just my opinion and I'm not saying that is what they SHOULD do. Perhaps you just need to know more about the signs of symptoms of an aneurysm to relax? But I would definitely recommend you seek out their advice and discuss your fears. (Which I understand completely) You just can't let it ruin your life..........of which you have a very great deal left. See your doctor! It will help.
Have a wonderful wedding!!
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Burning pain on top of back of head seems to get less when laying down gets worse during day with movement for two weeks  was now what is it who do I see allready had ct scan , blood work need help desperately
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