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Aortic Thoracic & Abdominal aneruysms

I would like to know more about the actual surgery that will be performed.
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It depends on the aneurysm.  If you will post more specifically, someone may be able to offer information.  Thanks.
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I have a Thoracic anuerysm and an Abdominal Anuerysm.  I have been told bye my Heart Surgeon that they are growing faster than expectd now.  We have been watching them for a period of 4 years.  I would just like to know what I am in for with the surgery.
Thanks to skydnsr for your response
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Two separate aneurysms?  Or one aneurysm that goes through the diaphragm?  Do you know the exact locations and the current diameter(s)?  When you say, "growing faster than expected," can you give more detail?  I don't mean to nag, but all of that makes a difference.  All aortic aneurysms are not the same.  Some can be repaired without open surgery, by means of a stent-like device, and some do require open surgery.

I have had surgery for a root/ascending aneurysm.  Because of my experience, I know more about that type of aneurysm than anything else.  (It requires open surgery.)  If your aneurysms are the same or different from mine, I will tell you what I know, and I won't try to tell you anything beyond what I know.  Other people here can probably contribute, also.  But the details do matter.
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I am not worried about the abdominal aneurysm the Surgeon told me he could go in from the side to repair that one but the Thoracic Aneurysm was going to involve open heart surgery.  The anuerysms have both grown in size suddenly we have been watching them for 4 years and they were stable but as the Heart Surgeon said I must have realized that at some time they were going to have to be operated on.
All this information has come directly from my Heart Surgeon so I was anxious to talk with someone who had gone through the actual heart surgery.  My Thoracic Anuerysm is right where the Aorta turns into the heart itself.
I have other concerns because I also have COPD with Emphasyema so I have some apprehension about the anesthesia and the effects on my lungs also I have some renal insufficiency. Maybe you can understand where I am coming from.
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I think I do understand where you are coming from.  I sent you a "note" with a couple of links to information that might be useful.  When does your surgeon think you are going to need to be operated on?  Is it now, that you are looking at surgery?  And what decisions do you need to make?
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I am worried i might have an abdominal aortic anuerysm and am scared to death its making me panic. I have noticed the past couple of days what kind of feels like fetal movement or more like pulsating in my upper left abdomen no pain. I have had constipation could this just be something else do u think? How did u discover or what symptom led u to get checked
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I looked at your profile, and if you are in fact a 25 y/o female, it would be pretty much unheard of for you to have an abdominal aortic aneurysm.  The typical patient for that is an elderly man who smokes.  I think you have something else, probably something simple, probably something that is not life-threatening at all.  Why don't you go ahead and see a doctor, find out what it is and what you need to do about it, and put your mind at rest.
I beg to differ .   I was a 24 year old female when I was diagnosed(and underwent emergency surgery to repair) a thoracic aortic aneurysm that was almost 12 inches long dilated to 8.6 cm.  It was the largest ever seen at UC Davis Medical Center at the time in 1995.   The cause of my condition has only recently even been figured-out, but I am still alive.
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