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21 year old son refuses to work

My 21 year old son, is lazy and sits at home playing games, watching movies etc on his laptop. He's been kicked out of a prestigious university due to his lack of organisational skills, missing lectures and dedlines for coursework. He refuses to get a day job and he starts to raise his voice and shout at me, despite both our (me and my husband) efforts to morally support him. How do i motivate him to work and become self sustaining instead of coming to me for money all the time?! Please help im desprate!
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stop enabling him ...withdraw the financial aid you must give him ...if hes 21 chuck him out
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I agree with margy.  Stop enabling him.  
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I have a 22 year old son who  has moved back home after dropping out of college and is now unemployed. I have gone back to being a mum with food etc, but don't give him handouts. It makes me disappointed rather than angry, and I seem to  be the one who  finds jobs he can apply for. If he wasn't at home,  he would be on the street, so  stick with it and maybe things will change. If not , set some serious rules, just enough to let him see who  is boss.
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He has no need for money, since he's not doing anything. Give him no money at all. Let him know how a person has to learn to live with no hand outs, just room and board. Hope you continue to post and let us know how it's going for you.

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