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so mean so rude

i am married since 3 years, and i married the love of my life, we have been together for 5 years now. while i was pregnant i had mixed feelings and was all the time angry, rude and mean to him and we used to blame hormones. after giving birth this new character of me didnt go away. am so rude to him, if something is misplaced i yell, i keep reminding him how tired i am, how i do everything to the baby. he help and tries his best but i do not appreciate all the time. sometimes when am angry i say stupid hurtful things but after 5 minutes i regret it and keep apologising. even he asked me when did u stop to be a happy person!! am so sad, we used to be amazing and so fun together. now its just small fight everyday all the time and mainly i cause it over something silly..

what shud i do :( i will die if he leaves me

ps. i tried to change but i dont know how anymore
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Please see your doctor.  I'm not a doctor, but "post-partum depression" comes to mind.  Your doctor will have options to present to you and knows which option may benefit you most.

Good Luck!
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Well, you do sound off your old balance, for sure.  I once saw a movie in which the husband and wife were having an argument, and he said "Where's the happy girl I married???"  It rang true for me thinking of my sister and her husband, she's mad all the time and they used to be cute and fun.  I think in her case, it comes from worries about money, and the clash of certain parts of their personalities that are not at their best when each of them is worried about money.  When they were dating, they had no worries, each was working, they were pretty carefree and living adult lives where they were autonomous and had few strains.  Then marriage and babies, and suddenly she couldn't work because they had two kids and it was less expensive for her to stay home to take care of them instead of work, and so they had less money and less time to have all that carefree fun and think only of themselves.  Then he quit his lucrative job and started his own business, and the business didn't make much money, and they are living on savings, and she's really easy to upset and he's annoying and critical to her.  Not a good scene.

Why not talk to your doc and get your hormones checked, and then try to get some respite care for yourself, someone to watch the kid once a week so you can just go to the mall and walk around, or get a bath, or read a book.  It might help a lot.

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