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Recurrence of chest pain

I 'm 66 and have had Type 2 diabetes for about 2 years, and hypertension for about 6, also raised cholesterol.   My untreated BP was around 180-200/110-120 - so not good!  Back in 2007 I was getting quite a bit of chest pain and was investigated, but with treatment my BP fell to around 115-130/65-80 and I had no problems.  (At this time I was not diagnosed with diabetes. I have had a mild cardiac murmur since childhood, but this is considered insignificant.

There is a strong history of hypertension - both parents had it severely, several aunts and cousins were hypertensive and died of heart problems.  My father had several heart attacks from age 60 and died of left ventricular failure.  My mother had congestive cardiac failure.

Investigations in 2007
    Treadmill stress test
    Radio-isotope stress test - very slight narrowing of LAD, but considered
    Echocardiogram - mild left ventricular hypertrophy, presumably from BP

Over the past couple of years my BP has been rising, with my diastolic consistently above 85, and I was surprised that my GP only made one change to my medication.  This last couple of weeks the chest pain on exertion or stress has returned, sometimes radiating to my neck.  Yesterday my BP was 145/95 and I asked if I could add propranolol - also for my essential tremor.

I should like my BP to be below 130/80 as I have diabetes and a the above  family history of heart disease.

My cholesterol is slightly raised at around 5.5.  I had to come off simvastatin because of muscle pain, and was changed to bezofibrate 400mg daily.  I've not had a cholesterol reading since then.

My blood glucose and HbA1c have been good.

Current main medication:
   Adizem XL 120mg daily (diltiazem)
   Lisinopril 20mg daily
   Propranolol 40mg twice daily (added yesterday)
   Bezafibrate 400mg daily
   Metformin 500mg twice daily
   Isosorbide mononitrate 10mg daily, increasing to twice daily (from 5 days)
   GTN spray as required

My GP was unsure whether to refer me again today, but we agreed to see how things go with the added medication and review in a month, or earlier if there is no improvement.

Does this seem reasonable?
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Hi there!

Yes, the current medical regime sounds reasonable and apt for the current situation, till further review with your treating doctor.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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This did clear, but the last three days has been back with a vengeance!  toiday my BP was 170/108.  Not good!
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