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How long could a cat be contagious?

Hi, I have 3 indoor cats, all vaccinated.  I also care for an outdoor cat that was abandoned a few years ago.  I took her in for her vaccinations earlier this year, and give her Frontline monthly.  Two days ago, I saw that her inner eyelids were half closed, and it scared me.  Took her to the vet, and she had no temperature, and seemed fine otherwise.  He ordered bloodwork, and I brought her home and kept her sequestered in the bathroom. He said he didn't think she had anything contagious.  

The bloodwork came back fine, though she has a slightly elevated white blood cell count.  He gave her a dewormer, and she's on a stomach medicine for 6 days, and Baytril for 14 days.  She is eating normally and also using the litter box normally.  

My vet said she should be kept sequestered for at least 3 days.  She is not currently meowing, but I am concerned about keeping her shut in a bathroom for 2 weeks.  If she were to have something contagious, would she no longer be contagious after 3 days on antibiotics (like humans)?  Or should I do everything I can to keep her in that bathroom for a full 14 days?  I'm just concerned about my indoor cats' well being.  I would not let her out before her eyelids are back to normal.

Thanks SO much for any and all advice.
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If your other cats are current on vaccines for the common contagious diseases than 3 days or so of confinement should be enough.  

It would help if we knew the cause of the disease for a more definitive answer.
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Thank you Aleda!  
We still don't know the cause, and though she started meds last Wednesday, there has been no change to the eyelid situation.  She finishes the Cimetidine today, she was dewormed, and she continues on Baytril til next Wednesday.  She does seem a bit livelier, but since she's doing ok in the bathroom, I am still keeping her confined until the eyes go back to normal.  My vet said if they aren't back to normal by next Monday, to call him again (or if she develops vomiting or any other issues, which she doesn't currently have).

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