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I Need Help With my 3 1/2 yr old gelding

hello, i have a gelding that is turning 4 in April 2009, but i think that he has started to lose his baby teeth. Would this result in him starting to bite? If so, how could i possibly stop him from doing so. I mean, sometimes he'll bite me for no reason and other times he acts fine. He has even started to chase me in the pasture at times and bite at my arms, legs, and back. I don't blame him for doing what he does, but something must be wrong. Could anyone help me?
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Let me qualify my answer by saying that I am primarily a small animal practitioner.  I do practice acupuncture and holistic medicine on horses and large animals, though.

From a holistic stand point it sounds as if your horse may have a Liver Qi problem, and there are herbal formula's and acupuncture treatments that could help.  But of course a holistic exam would be necessary.  One formula that may help is called Liver Happy; available from Jing Tang Herbal company with a veterinary prescription.

I think that it might also be necessary to consult a veterinary behaviorist or trainer for evaluation.
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This does not have to do with tooth eruption.  You have a severe behavior problem developing and it will only get worse if not corrected!!  Behavior modification in horses is a specialty.  You need a trainer that really knows how to handle this in a firm but not abusive way.  Start asking around locally for someone good.  Study the internet for "biting in horses" and get on this quickly.  not only will it continue to get worse, but horse bites can be very dangerous, I've even seen one that was fatal!  additionally remember, abusive techniques will make the problem worse and may eventually lead to euthanasia.  Solve this now with proper training!!!!!!!!!
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