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Low dose suppression test

I have a question about blood test results.  My dog is being tested for Cushings disease.  She had a low dose suppression tests.  This is what the results say:
Cortisol Pre 7.1
Cortisol 2 (4hr) 8.2
Cortisol 3 (8hr) 10.3

I'm having a hard time interpreting what that means because the lab included how to inteprent the ACTH Stimulation Test and the Dexamethasone Supression Test on the test.  I started taking her to a holistic vet and I think she may have been looking at what the lab was saying for the ACTH test instead of the Low Dose Test.  Would these results indicate positive for Cushings with the low dose test?  

I don't know what to do anymore.  The regular vet that I had been taking her to is not clearly answering my questions and has become unresponsive (he does return my calls).  I began taking her to a holistic vet, but when I spoke to her she talked about the results being less than 20 and that number falling within the normal range.  However, I think that interpretation is not for the test that my dog had done.  The low dose test interpretation says something about Cortisol levels greater than 1.4. This is not her fault, she did not order the blood work but I want to call her and let her know which test my dog had done so that she knows what part of the interpretation of results to look at.

My dog is now having a hard time getting up and walking.  Could it be something else connected to Cushings?

Any help you could give me in interpreting the lab results would be much appreciated.
Thank you!
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You did not post the reference range,  or the parameters (i.e.:ug/dl or nmol/l), so I can't give you a definitive answer.  But, it appears as if there has been no suppression in your dog's cortisol level, however,  her initial (pre-cortisol) level is also too high, unless the lab is using a different reference range.

You can FAX the results to my office if they contain the parameter for a more definitive answer @ 973-895-4948
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Thank you so much for your response.  Immediately following the numbers for my dog is the interpretation of the ACTH Stimulation test.  That says normal resluts for canine 5.5-20.0 ug/dl. I'm not sure if that is a test she didn't have done or if that is also for the test she had done.

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