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Older dog not happy with new puppy???

I have a dog that has been with us for about 3 years...she was exceptionally hyper when we got her and hard to train but she turned out fine although a little timid.  Last week we adopted a 10 week old puppy that was in a house with 9 other dogs...4 more puppies and 5 adults and therefore has been well socialized which the older dog unfortunately has not had the opportunity for.

So...now the puppy is wanting to play with the older dog and the older dog really doesn't seem sure what to make of her!  The puppy goes and takes anything the older dog happens to be chewing or playing with and the older dog doesn't argue but backs away if the puppy gets too close!  Now the older dog wants to spend all her time outside...away from the puppy which is not an option living in Northern Canada at this time of year!

Help me...do you think as the puppy becomes more mature that the older dog will accept her?  I have not been pushing the puppy on her and I put the puppy in her pen when the older dog appears to have had enough of the puppy.  Is there any other suggestions that might help this situation?  I am worried because I don't like upsetting the older dog like this and I was doing this so she would have a playmate as she was showing signs of boredom.  I have MS and can't always walk her so I thought this would at least help...


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Time is the answer for your concern as I assume you have only had the pup for a short time.I predict that within 6 months the older dog will adapt and they will be buddies. I would not try to force the issue and make sure the older dog can be alone when she desires.
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