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Pet Promise and inflammatory bowel disease

I adopted my cat from a rescue group when she was two years old and shortly after blood started showing up in her stool.  Many tests and procedures later and her vet diagnosed her with inflammatory bowel disease and put her on Metronidazole and prescribed cat foods with duck, rabbit and deer.  Well, both of my cats reaction to the new food was to try to bury it.  The Metronidazole made Pixel sick and she stopped eating and her weight fell to under six pounds and the vet then put her on steroids.  During this time I bought brand after brand of cat food, hoping to get her to eat anything.  Pet Promise Daily Health dry food is all that we could get her to eat and once she started eating it, she has not had one single flair up of the inflammatory bowel disease and she has been off of Metronidazole for a year and a half now.

Which brings me to my question(s)!  Is there any other cat food comparable to Pet Promise? I'm frantic because I just found out Pet Promise is being discontinued and I don't want my cat to have to go through another mess of tests and pills.  At her last vet's appointment, she was diagnosed with juvenile cardiomyopathy and is on heart medicine now and is due for another sonogram in about a month to see if the medicine is halting the progression of this disease.  In other words, poor Pixel has been through a lot and if I can find a cat food that is comparable to Pet Promise it could spare her (and me) any additional stress.

Thanks for any help you can give me!
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Consider switching to a different type of prescription food for inflammatory bowel disease.  Some of the best I have used that are different than the duck, etc... ones you have mentioned are Royal Canin's digestive low fat or hypoallergenic.  They both work in totally different ways to help with the GI issues and I have had good success with both, but some cats do great with one vs. other and it's hard to say which cat will respond.  Atopica may also be considered in lieu of a specialized food, but a food instead of drugs are a better choice. Please discuss these options with your veterinarian.  There are other prescription brands that have similar properties, but I would not recommend a limited ingredient or novel protein diet as has been tried in the past.
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Sorry for the delay in response to your questions...I am contacting our pet nutritionist here at MedHelp.org to see if she has some thoughts for you...  I looked at the Pet Promise ingredient label and failed to see any significant ingredient "differences" from other brands that would account for her good luck on that food.  

I am so sorry to hear that they aren't making the food anymore, for your sake and for Pixel's sake. It's always sad to hear about a smaller company being forced to close or cut back.
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