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Raisin Bran/Kidney Failure

My two dogs (30 lb beagle & 62 lb pit mix) got into a box of raisin bran. When I got home from work I discovered this and IMMEDIATELY rushed them to the vet ER. The vet induced vomiting and gave them activated charcoal to mitigate the toxins. The ER vet said it appeared as if all of the raisins were discharged during the forced vomiting session and that he didn't think this would be anything to worry about.

I was told to schedule a follow up w/ my normal vet in two days to do blood & urine tests.

I recently moved a long distance so I had to pick a new vet and decided to go to the vet that was .5 miles from my house that had a clean, nice looking facility.

The vet did the blood & urine tests for both dogs and told me that the blood tests looked good but the urine tests were a "cause for concern" for both dogs. He explained that if this were a normal physical and the tests gave the same results he wouldn't be worried but because of the raisins he thinks this may be the beginning stages of kidney failure. He told me that we needed to schedule a follow up to determine if these tests were a fluke or indicative of something much worse.

Side note: Throughout this whole appointment he kept trying to upsell me on current products/specials that they have for grooming/boarding and on his business card & lab coat it clearly states Dr. (name not used) DVM & MBA. I understand why he would put DVM on his lab coat but to put the "MBA" immediately raises a red flag to me that he is motivated strictly by money. While I fault no person for making a profit in their vocation, I have a tough time when it is flaunted in my face when the life of my pets are being discussed.

Given the fact that this doctor seems to think that it is a foregone conclusion that my dogs will die, would it make sense to get a second opinion? If he is somebody that thinks it is only a matter of time before their imminent death, should I/would you go somewhere else?
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There is no way that kidney disease or  failure can be assessed by a single urinalysis and without taking the bloodwork into account.

If you respected your first vet who initially treated your dogs for the raisin toxicity and if it isn't too far I think that it might be best to follow up with him or her.  You can bring fresh urine samples to your first vet as was posted by Misfits4me.  If your original vet is too far please at least call him /her and ask for the names of vets that he/she recommends.  You should still have a good relationship with your original vet and may even be able to FAX a copy of your two dog's blood and urinalysis results to the original vet as a second opinion.

I don't understand the reasoning behind  having MBA embroidered on a lab coat.  
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He considered his own testing a "Fluke"?

I agree with you...I'm seeing a number of Red Flags! If these were my dogs, I'd go back to this Vet and ask for copies of your dog's Bloodwork & Urine Samples...By the way, you paid for them....

Take fresh urine samples (Yourself) & these records to another Vet....Then go from there...

Do you know anyone in your new town that can refer a Vet to you? Anyone at work possibly?

I'm not a Vet, but just had to respond to this....The Vet will probably answer tomorrow.....In the meantime, good luck to you & both of your dogs.....I personally don't think a box of Raisin Bran could do this much damage to 2 dogs this size....Especially, after vomitting was induced & the product expelled......Please, let me know what happens.....
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Misfits4Me - thank you for your feedback.  I just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy by not accepting this guy's opinion.  I know as people we can get emotional we people (and animals) that we love are given a bad prognosis and we may not want to hear the news associated with their fate...  I actually have another vet appointment tomorrow with a different vet that came highly recommended to me by a co-worker.

Dr. Cheng - thank you so much for your feedback.  Hearing such an answer from a doctor also reassures me that I'm doing the right thing.  The first vet was an ER vet who only handles emergencies so we had to go to a different vet for the follow up.

That being said...

I spoke with my cousin who recently graduated from veterinary school. I read her the test results and she said that the USG is a little low but that if there were kidney failure we would see A LOT more red flags in both the blood work and urinalysis. It's now day 5 and we haven't had any problems with vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, lack of appetite, excessive thirst or excessive urination.  We have a follow up tomorrow with a different vet and we are hopeful for better results.  I too was extremely curious why a doctor would embroider MBA on his lab coat.  To me it seems in EXTREMELY bad taste and it doesn't seem like it would gain him any credibility with his paying customers.  The same could be said for a funeral director, surgeon, car repair technician, plumber, electrician...  Like I said before, I have no problem with anybody earning a good living (or a GREAT LIVING for that matter), but don't put it in my face when I am discussing the lives of my two animals.

Thanks again for both of your responses.  You have no idea how helpful they have been.
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