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Rats and infection

Hi Doctor,

I'm not sure if this is the correct area to post this question so please let me know if I need to transfer to the correct area.  I am an Australian currently travelling through Vietnam and have have been scratched by a rat.  The scratch mark was red however from what I can see didn't break the skin.  I was not bitten.    I cleaned the scratch with soapy water and then disinfectant afterwards.   I had my parents speak to a doctor at home for me who said I shouldn't be concerned about my exposure.  They also said rats rarely carry diseases such as rabies which I have been concerned about.   I have never had a rabies injection.

Are you able to tell me anymore about infections rats carry and whether I should be worried about rabies?  The scratch happened 1 week ago now.


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Hi John,  You should really post your question to a Medical Doctor versed in infectious diseases at medhelp.  But, if you are really concerned it would be best to see a physician there in Vietnam who has familiarity in local diseases.  Rabies is not spread by scratches usually.  

The Human Rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin protocol requires several injections. It can be performed  easily and  fairly painlessly.  Usually only hospitals carry the vaccine.  I don't know about Vietnam, though.

Sorry I couldn't help more.  Please post to the infectious disease forum.
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Thanks doctor, I have reposted this question to the infectious disease community.  Will a doctor Definately reply in this section as I noticed it's not an expert section?  I am a little worried and would love to get some answers as quickly as possible.

Thanks again.
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Please go to a doctor or hospital now if you are that worried.  It is better to be safe than sorry.
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Dear Aleda, He told that, he has discussed from the doctor.
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