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Swollen cheek and partial snout

After taking our dog outside, we noticed that right below her eye at her cheek bone and down to mid-snout is slightly swollen.  It does not hurt and nothing is trapped inside her mouth.  There are no visible bites or wounds.   She is acting normally, but we are concerned.  She has yawned quite a bit like she has something trapped in her mouth.  Is there anything we can do or should do? Thanks!!
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The swelling may be due to an allergic reaction to a insect bite or sting, and veterinary exam is recommended (especially if the swelling has persisted for the 13 hours since your post); she may need antihistamines +/- steroids to stop the swelling.
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Please be aware that swelling of the face/snout is commonly painful diseased teeth and it can often appear suddenly.  Please ensure your veterinarian can do dental xrays when the teeth are evaluated for a dental prophy.
Dr. Jen Mathis
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