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Why is my cat's claw black and misshapen (pictures included?)

My cats claw has been discolored (black) for almost two years. It's doesn't seem as though it's going to fall off, and, you can see a normal colored nail growing from the same claw.

You can see an image of the claw here: http://cl.ly/1R3F2z1z381v2F2f3W0L (click on it to zoom in).

Any ideas why this might be and what I should do? I'm hesitant to try and remove it myself or cut it.
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It is difficult to appreciate exactly what is happening with that digit by looking at the photo. What it appears to be is a cornified growth, almost like a defectve claw that can occasionally happen due to trauma to the initial bud of the nail. The trauma results in essentially of splitting of the nail bud and then two nails grow from it. If it isnt bothering your cat then best leave it alone.
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Any way I can tell if it's bothering her? Information I have on her discomfort so far:

1. She doesn't seem to mind during the day, just walking around (no audible complaining or limping)

2. She *does* seem to mind when I touch it, but doesn't seem to be in pain

3. The area where the nail goes into her paw (nail bud?) is a little red and swollen
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