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should i be scared

I have four month old puppy. Everything with the vet is up to date. My problem is he looks malnutrioned. I give him vitamins, dry puppy food, wet, table food, baby food, treats, ive tried everything. He makes this smacking noise when he eats or drinks what little he does. To me it's like he doesn't know how to eat or drink. He's getting enough to have bowel movements and urinate. I have 4 grown dogs of the same breed and a few that have passed due to illness. I've never had this problem before and I don't want him to die. If he is getting enough to have bowel movements and urinate is that enough that I shouldn't be worried? Oh and I've wormed him several times even though no signs of worms. One last thing. I believe he is anemic. He also has big pop out eyes and i've never seen that before. His mother due to a heart condition passed away shortly after weaning him. He is all I have left of her.
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Hi I am glad to help with your puppy and it sounds like you are doing everything properly. If you'd like a second opinion on the lab work etc please post it or contact our veterinary office directly and I'd be glad to offer specific suggestions. The lab work should reveal anemia if its present.
Thank you
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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