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I'm not sure what is wrong with my cat

My overweight cat of 3 yrs age, for 4 days now has been unable to have a bowel movement but has been able to urinate strong urine. He now lays in the pee and moves to another couch cushion to pee and lay in it again. He won't eat and I'm not sure if he is even drinking water. I tried to give him canned pumpkin but nothing, tried laxatives and nothing again. My husband is a truck driver so it's hard to get anywhere to get him seen as well and there is no taxi service either. Plus  I can't afford to pay for a entire work up at the  vets up front and no one around where I live is willing to work out a payment plan with me to get him seen.  He is making sounds like he is in pain once in awhile as well. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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I sympathize with your situation but it is clear to me that your cat needs to see a veterinarian asap. This isnt just about a consitpation issue, this is about a cat who is not eating, is too weak to even get up and instead it urinates on himself. He is suffering and needs to be seen.
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I finally got a hold of a vet who knew their job and they told me what was wrong. His kidneys exploded and he was in renial failure for that entire time. I didn't even realize it happened at all either.
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