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what pet do you have?

what kind of animal owns you?

we are owned by venus. she is a big, fat main coon. we're going to be adding another sister in for her and the boys, we're getting a german shepherd pup within the next few months (probably around christmas). so we're excited and nervous to see how she handles that.... : o)
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I have two mutts, Bryce and Blackie. Then there's my birds, Sweetie (Senegal parrot), Petie (cockatiel), Parmesean and Romano (diamond doves), and Mango (Gouldian finch). Mango's mate, Tango, just passed away Monday night, so I'm looking into getting another Gouldian within the next couple of months because it is a "pair or flock" species of finch.
We also have two guppy fish named Gulliver and Gertrude--they live in my son's room in a two gallon tank.
And of course there's Sybil. She's the calico cat that came with marrying Brandon, lol. We're getting along a little better now, but we're still not too fond of each other. If she would just BE NICE and not such a vengeful, malicious little booger for no apparent reason, we'd be one big happy family, lol.
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I am owned by two kitties. Their names are Butch O'Malley, a long haired siamese mix, and the other is called Buttercup. They are both characters and I love them dearly.

I am a big time animal lover and would have more if I could, but right now, I am happy with my kitties, my next pet I want a doggie, I just love dogs.
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I have none....but I do consider my boyfriend's cat mine. I do buy her food and brush her when I'm over there. I mean she is kinda mine....she sleeps on me everytime I'm over there!!!!!
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oh i want more too! once dh and i buy our house i'm starting a flippin farm i swear! i'm going to be the crazy animal lady......i LOVE animals. i've always had cats, dogs, fish, hamster, gerbils....

i used to have this 3 legged, super fat hamster named gilmore. he was RIDICULOUS. he would CHASE the cats around. he had his out of cage time in his big pink ball and when the cats would smack him across the room he would get up, ram them, scare the pee out of them then proceed to chase the bad cats around the house. it was HILARIOUS! (if you've seen Bolt...think of rhino..only tan and white.)
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A 7yr old ShiTzu
2 Rabbits
1 Hamster
Tropical Fish

The rabbits are a lot of work ... whew

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AHP I was going to ask if you wanted another really cute Calico.. but I see you live in Antartica and thats a long way from California I guess. I didnt have a pet but was looking for a dog, well this Cat was wondering around my Garden shes a really beautiful creature, I was upstairs on my PC and had the back door open ,so one day I turn and she has come in come up the stairs and is staring at me , she meeowed a couple of times , now we are all animal lovers, we wouldnt be here on this group..so you know where I am going .. she ran back downstairs me following,she thought I was going to chase her, I happened to have a can of Tuna stashed away , so I opened it and put water down....Yes its just like that. Never having had a cat before ,this was 6 months ago now , I really didnt know they were so preditory and she has driven me mad and the DH is still threatening to leave home...H Ha Ha.. yes I am very tempted there, trust me ...she drags lizards in all the time , birds, mouse, baby bunny, I spend all day rescuing critters. I put an ad in to get her a home, I have had responses but they are either for an indoor cat or an out door cat she is used to both...Sorry for the lonnnng post ..
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I happen to live in a very, very warm section of Antarctica, lol. However, it's still a LONG ways from CA.

I couldn't take another cat. I like cats, but I'm not the type of person to be a cat owner. I'm just stuck living with...Sybil...
I really can't stand that cat; just being honest. I mean, we get along for the most part...I ignore her, she ignores me, and from time to time we purposely antagonize each other and get in a spat, then go back to ignoring each other (and SHE starts the spats most of the time!).
But yeah, I just am not fond of her. I don't like her, she's vicious and malicious and tempramental and defiant and hateful. To Trevor and me, anyway. Actually, she is getting much better with Trevor, but I have a feeling she and I will always have nothing more than a tolerant relationship.
To top off my annoyance with her, she's got "issues" with who-knows-what, whether it be physical or mental...but Brandon's had her checked by a vet and there's nothing that can be found wrong with her that's harmful in any way. But anyway, the darn cat barfs all over my carpet like, every three days! Apparently she's had this problem since Brandon's had her as a small kitten...she just does it, but there's nothing that appears to be wrong with her health. I've even taken it upon myself to buy her premium cat food that is ULTRA expensive, thinking maybe she has a food intolerance like my dog Bryce has (which premium dog food has helped cure his chronic skin issues, as far as I can tell; turns out he must've been allergic to corn or gluten or a certain preservative or something).
But it's like the dingbat cat has an eating disorder or something. I'm almost entirely convinced it's a behavioral problem she has an not physical. And I'm getting REALLY annoyed with her puking up piles of half-digested stomach contents all over my carpet, all over my house (oh, and ONE time, she had the audacity to york her cookies in my folded pajamas that I set on the floor at the side of my bed one night!)--it's really making me concerned for when the baby arrives and starts crawling and ends up finding a fresh pile of Sybil's upchuck...
Ugh, I just do not like Sybil very much at all!
Sorry for that rant. It's just that I nearly stepped in one of her piles this morning and had to clean it up at 6 am--not my ideal way of starting my morning off.
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I have 2 cats, one who's 12 and a still a little lady. One who's 1 and still a little brat, loll. I also have 2 toy poodle puppies 6 months old that I got after my dog died in April. They all keep me on my toes!
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lol ahp that made me laugh. perhaps you have a bulemic cat? your cat sounds nuts.
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I usually refer to her as "Psycho Sybil." I think the name is suiting...she is nuts.
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I have a darling chocolate tortoise shell domestic short hair cat.  Most of the time she is the ideal room mate.  She sometimes starts a game of "chase" where she acts like she is egging me on to chase her, as if to say:  "Tag, you're it!"  It's hilarious.  She runs from room to room until she has had her fill of "chase".  I follow her from room to room while she hides in her usual obvious places during this game of "chase".  She has loads of fun when we're playing this game.  I can see that playful look in her eyes when she is initiating this game of "chase".  Anybody would see that she is having fun getting me to interact with her.

Other times she just want to be an affectionate lap cat.  Nothing like Psycho Sybil.
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I'm owned by Loreena Mc Cat, a black young furry girl already know at the cats community.
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I was given Miss Kitty who is a Japanese Bobtail.  I lost my Morci to ill health and I just didn't want a cat  again. It turns out she is very attached to me. She does not like to be alone.
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pita - our mutt dog
daisy- english pointer dog
jackson-persian/simease (sp?) cat
luna- tabby cat
murphy-senegal parrot
buddy- bearded dragon lizard
tyson and riley- ball pythons
cecil-corn snake
and last but not least
TACO the skunk

i want another kitty  =(
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I am owned by a West Highland Terrier 14 years old and a 10 week old Chihuahua/Jack Russel both seem to be mummys boys. Love playing together although My westie does get sick as he is an old man now.
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11yrs Snowball  (7yrs Chloe)   (7yrsDiesel) (6yrs Baby) (4 1/2months Cleah) all Pekingese     We lost Chloe 17 weeks ago.She was 7 yrs old
8-Alf=Old English Sheepdog  (5 yrs Tadd=GreatPyrenees )  Sluggo=English Bulldog 3yrs old
1 yr Theo=Boston Terrier ( 6months oldDozer=Minature Schnauzer)
Nightmare=Black Cat Tripp=Grey Cat  Both 1 year    
That is all of my fur babies.Chloe was always mommys little girl we were always together.I miss her so much.We had planned on her before she was even concieved.But we where blessed to have had her and love her ,Than to have never been able to have gotten to love her at all                                  
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I have 5 cats(Simba, Sugar, Nala, Snooper and Elvis), 1 dog(Bailey), 2 guniea pigs(crystal and oreo), 3 hamsters(amber, bambi and snowflake) and a few gold fish.  We had a garter snake that Nala the cat caught, but Snakey got loose and I haven't been able to find him/her. :o(
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Ha Ha. I can totally relate. My step-daughter got this kitten and she was so small. I think she had the "little guy" syndrome or something. She would attack anyone on sight and refused to follow any rules. (Step-daughter had a lot to do with that, as she would promote the bad behavior by letting her do it, prolly confused the poor thing)
She finally moved out, and although I miss her, am glad to be rid of the attack kitty, lol.

I now have two miniature schnauzers Lucy and Snickers, and a big fat cat named Jack, who looks just like Garfield.
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Wow Babes, The picture of your beautiful Loreena Mc Cat could either be 2 of 3 of my babies, Oscar who is a full Black Puddy Cat, he absolutely "HUGE!!", Ive had him since he was 3wks old, his 1st mummy had been attacked by a dog unfortunatly and couldn't look after her litter so i chose Oscar to take home and rear him as my own babykits, he obviously enjoys being with his 2nd Mummykits, infact he's just come sitting right across me now making it very hard to type on my laptop, and he's pawing me which means he wants total attention of me and i've got to stop what i'm doing immediately, so i'll after go for now but i'll be back in a mo........... Im back, where was i......Oh yes, he obviously loves being with his mummykits because he's grown up to be an absolutely gorgeous huge full black puddycat, he was 6yrs old on the 26thmarch, so yes he's an ARIES very demanding and extremely jealouse if he's not getting attention. My 2nd full Black puddycat is Sapphire which for short is Saffy, she's stunning and very ladylike infact i go to say in human terms she should be a top model, defo. She came to me 2yrs ago this May, she was about 9mnths old, she was in a terrible mess, she just arrived one day, i think Oscar brought her if truth be know, she was so thin and dehydrated that it so obvious she hadnt been being looked after, so i took her in and she been mine ever since, i took her to my vets and had all the nesessery injections and started taking good care of her, she obviously adores being with her new mummykits and she's such a mummys puddycat, she's beautiful and looks more like your Loreena Mc Cat than Oscar, my 3rd puddycat is Felix who absolutely looks exactly like the real Felix, he's my 1st, he's 16yrs old now and he runs rings round the other two, he's so full of life, he really does amazing for his age, i love him sooo much and he knows it, if ever Oscar or Saffy are on my knee or i'm playing with them, they soon move way for Felix, its so strange, its like they know whos the elder. listen me going on and on, i just love my babies soo much and seeing the picture of yours just made me want to tell you of mine. So sorry for yapin on, hope you don't mind, lovely to chat(",) Jax xXx
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I have the 2 most precious pups in the world. StormyRenee is a 13 yr old  sheltie mix .She was a rescue but I am not sure who rescued who.She showed up on my doorstep shortly after I had lost my baby boy Dalton when I was 7 months pregnant.Stormy and I have a very unique bond and she is my once in a life time puppydog. Zoe Alison who is a10 yr old boxer.She is my husbands dog... I also have a miriad of outdoor critters in my care.....I have pics of them all on my page.....

Take Care, Theresa
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Hubby are owned by one male green peach face lovebird (Mott the Hoople) three male budgies, Ivan Kalmikoff, Spiro and Sparta, one female budgie, Spanky, and one male African Green Singer (finch), Pippin Piper.

All are rescue birds, save for our lovie who we adopted from a breeder as a hand-fed baby.

"All animals on earth are angels wearing fur, feathers or scales.  Birds are special angels.
They already have their wings."
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update I have still got the kitty who found me I have got used to her ways ,and its working out well I am very fond of her, we moved recently and now she is pouncing on Gophers doesnt have much luck I am glad to say, she moved house a lot better tahan I thought she would , I am now in a more country' area and although surrounded by barking dogs she has settled and likes the place, .She was very sick for a week after her Rabies shots a couple of months ago I wasnt happy with the way it was administered and told them so ...mrs Steep your birds sound wonderful I love the names you have called them, I love the sentiment you put here , I love all the outside wild birds I used to feed them at my last house but realised that I was encouraging this kitty I call 'Tweety' to chase them and catch them ...so I dont do that now .they still come into my new garden ..
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I have 3 older cats, Zylo, Zany, and Zena, and right now I am fostering 4 abandoned kittens that are about 8-9 weeks old.  I also work with several dogs at the two shelters at which I volunteer training them in basic obedience and general socialization.  
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I am chief of staff to 2 kitties.  One of my masters is Mousey Tongue, a 9 yr old Maine coon and my other master is Smitten. She's a 6 month old tortie.  My main duties include petting, brushing, giving treats, turning on the water faucet and opening the doors for my masters.

I am Mom to a beautiful 3 year old Golden Retriever named Belle.  She's my constant companion at the computer and loves her car rides. The doggie park isn't bad either!  But lets face it.  Golden retrievers love everything and everybody!!  She's our 4th Golden. And I've loved them all dearly.

I am the Great Hand from Above to three 11 year old Chinese fire bellied frogs.  I mist and pour in the water.  The best is watching the weekly feeding frenzy of the crickets.

And last but not least, I am the nice lady who puts Chewie the hamster in her ball and feeds her nice fresh fruit every day.

Well, That's my gang.  I tried to give you a peep at their personalities.  They make life interesting around here.
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