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Falling backward

I got out of residental and partial treatment in August, and i'm quickly falling backward into my restricting and purging behaviors. This week i've been having under 800 cal. a day, and have lost 5.7lbs within the last week. Part of me wants to loose the weight and loose more wieght, but the other part of me knows that i'm falling down a rapid slippery slope, and i don't know what to do to stop the behaviors before they get to out of hand, or i fall to deeply back into them. Could anyone give me any advice on what to do, and how to get back on my meal plan?
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Surrounding yourself with your support system and treatment team will help you during difficult times.  Remember how bad it was.  You sound like you can rapidly slide backwards within weeks.  Although it may not feel like it now, it's always easier to turn things around sooner than later.  Ask for help now and keep practicing asking for help.  Best, Dr Patricia Pitts The Bella Vita Los Angeles, CA
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Keep looking in the mirror. Skinny is not pretty. And wether we admit it or not, we all want to look pretty.
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When you left residential/partial in August did you discharge with followup care?  The recovery process is a hard one, and one that needs to be reinforced as you return to your daily life.  Talk to your psychiatrist, GP, therapist, nutrionist, anyone from your medical team and let them know the struggles you are having.  When leaving the very regulated schedule that treatment provides you it is a huge challenge to keep using all the skills you learned in treatment and stick to your meal plan.  I have been in treatment twice, and each time when I was in treatment I would be improving emotionally and physically. But then I would leave and be so sick of the recovery process that when I started to slip I didn't reach out to anyone.  Now all that work and pain I put into recovery has been lost and I am back deeper into my disease than ever.  Please talk to someone on your treatment team and get the extra support you need.  I'm thinking of you.  If you ever need anyone to talk to just message me.

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